love poem #9

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She lies to you because it draws you in fights with you and always wins. Argues when you need to be humbled without her you’d be in deep trouble. She tests you when your feeling down To make sure that you’ll … Continue reading

So long

finished espresso
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So long to yesterday, its merit remains upon a white cloth a deep purple imprint has stained So long my lost love, though your memories are fading Ill cherish them long as I can without hating So long to old … Continue reading

New Musical duo formed in PA – River Blu

Barbara Reese and Jeremiah Williams singing and playing guitar
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  A new musical duo has recently formed in Northeast Pennsylvania named Blue River. The members include Barbara Reese and Jeremiah Williams. Both musicians play acoustic guitar and sing alone and in harmony. Barbara Reese, a seasoned singer songwriter has … Continue reading

Malcontent – a poem

Project Gutenberg Pen and Ink
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Unable to love is the worst cut of all temptation to offer a soul beckoned call while mistaken for greed by fouled misdeeds Intentions are purest when innocence leads though the lonely heart makes frail decisions while drowning in a sea of derision … Continue reading

love poem #5

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LOVE POEM by Jeremiah Williams. As beauty tears open unhealed wounds empathy unearths deep roots from their supper. Confusion begins, cured with salt and gin. sacrifice solves. Scarlet solutions dissolve sin. Prayers of concrete priests borrowed from one counterfeit liar, … Continue reading

I remembered a man

I thought of someone tonight, whom I haven’t thought of in a long time. A man who raised me, but wasn’t my biological father. A man who had already sacrificed his life raising three crazy children long before I showed up. … Continue reading