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Hello! Who is Jeremiah Williams?

Below you will find some personal information about me.

I am Human

I have thoughts. I have emotions. I  eat to sustain my body. I rest.
I am blunt, honest, and pay attention to even the slightest details.

I Think Deeply

I spend a great deal of time wondering about things most people care very little about.
I like to consider different scenarios of how things could be improved upon, or sometimes, even made worse.

I Read

I enjoy books ranging from, but not limited to; philosophy, new software, marketing, programming, and art. I enjoy learning new behaviors and ways of improving my communication skills. I enjoy literature which helps improve the quality of life of people around my hometown and the globe.

I value Existence

I have found no thing more valuable in life, than learning to use reason (A priori), in combination with experience (A Posteriori), in order to interact in a more natural way, with this world.

I am an Artist

I create. I destroy. I design. I improve. I solve. I innovate.I paint.
I draw. I doodle. I am overly sensitive, but can take critisicm from those I trust or resect.
I wonder. I step away. I come back. I complete. I know my process.
I am fluent in most of the Adobe Suite. I perform admirably with Photoshop & Illustrator.

I Travel

I love exploring the world. I fell in love with Denmark.
I want to live and work in or near Copenhagen, Denmark.
I have traveled to at least 60% of the U.S.

I Create

I enjoy problem solving for friends, family, clients, and myself.
I am the type of person who keeps busy by solving some type of problem. Unfortunately, because good ideas come so fast,  many of them rarely make it into existence.

I Design

I enjoy remanufacturing things that I purchase from retail stores. For example, after I bought my wooden desk, I sawed some pieces of and reattached them with so I could adjust the height of my desk at will. I fundamentally agree with all ten of Dieter Ram’s design principles.

I Photograph

It fills me with gladness to see everybody contributing to the art world by taking their own photographs with their own cell phones. I enjoy seeing the creativity of everyone on Instagram and Facebook and other non-professional sites.

I enjoy taking my Canon DSLR out for walks around town, and especially in nature. I feel very connected and stress free when I am surrounded with tress and mountains. My nature photos convey a stress free environment.

I Learn

I am now majoring in Media Communication and Technology, and intend to minor in philosophy at East Stroudsburg University. Previously, I received an education at Northampton Community College, since I tested out of High School.
I am a student of life.

I love to learn new things about myself, computers, and people. I truly enjoy being educated. Currently, I am enrolled in College and hope to always be furthering my education and improving the quality of life for others, and myself.

I love Web Design & Development

I am always researching and learning new ways to improve the User eXperience. I have been designing and programming web-sites since the early days of the internet. I have found the entire process of creating a web site, from the ground up, the most challenging and yet rewarding, occupation in the communication design field today. I am always looking forward to each new challenge as they are all exciting opportunities to learn. I enjoy assisting others to creating their own unique web presence.

I Njoy Computers

I cannot say I was the first Apple Lisa user, I am ,however, very happy to say that my first computer was an actual Commodore 64. Using this computer, I developed my attraction to the power that computers have to solve problems logically. I was fortunate to be born into an era when computers had  become a consumer item before I was thirteen. I began programming with a Commodore 64 and right away found it very easy to make an 8 color hot-air balloon travel across the screen. From that point on, I was hooked on the magic of programming.

Twenty-five years later, I have become tech-junkie. I have used and abused every operating system post 1984. I have had the pleasure of witnessing our country slowly adjust to new technologies that were becoming readily available since the 1980’s. What fascinates me the most about computers, is that you can give them a task to do and they will complete it, and repeat it, until the conditions become false. I have a small computer repair shop in downtown Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in which I repair broken computers, and buy and resell used laptops and desktops. It’s called POCONOS COMPUTERS

I am a Recording Artist

I have a small studio called Pinetop Recording Studio in downtown Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We assist new and younger musicians to achieve their goals of becoming well known artists with a digital online presence. We assist professional musicians to write, record, and produce CD’s and digital music.

I am a Musician

When I was about 12, I began taking violin lessons. My family chose the violin for me because they knew I would have no problem with the level of difficulty. Also, it did not weigh as much as other instruments, and was easier to carry to school with me. At age fourteen, I started liking the girls at school, so I began to enjoy the violin less and thought that if I picked up the guitar I would get more attention from girls. In hindsight, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I have had a few solid music lessons throughout my life, a few from Spencer Reed, another from Erin McClelland, and another from Bill Washer. I enjoy woodshedding a song with my most valuable musical team which includes, Danny Lattuca and Rubin Ariola. I am currently studying Blues and Jazz through Northampton Community College with Erin McClelland.


Most of all I love to dream, talk, eat, travel, and sleep.

My Name is Jeremiah Williams and I currently reside in the Pocono Mountains.

Currently; COGITO ERGO SUM….

I am Jeremiah Williams