Copenhagen, DK – Rundentarn Rooftop Photography – JW Photography

photo of Copenhagen from rooftop by Jeremiah Williams
Photography by Jeremiah Williams. Shot on location in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The city of Copenhagen is at least 800 years older than the oldest American cities. The architecture is beautiful to look at, with its deep orange and yellow hues. Most of the people are extremely friendly and will be glad to help to you in any way they can.
If you decide to travel to Denmark bring a good amount of money. I recommend planning on spending at least 50 to a 100 American dollars per day just on food and fun. As far as I could tell Copenhagen is very safe because most of the people there are out to get you, or take things you own. Of course there is trouble in every city in the world, but I found my experience to be one of generosity and kindness.
While you are there make sure to eat the Danish cuisine. Their best food is Herring, which is a fish that generally is caught in Norway, and tastes like Filet Mignon The quality of their meats are in general much more fresh than the American diet. It is a pleasure to eat in Denmark. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the cuisine.
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