I Diablo Arise

When bridges still aflame from yesterday melt away the joy of the night,
like hanging icicles in direct morning sun.

As the bitter cold touch of winters whipping wind rips the grip of warmth from the skin’s porous clutches.

Now the past decimates the present imprisoning perspective forecasting feverish lows and horrendous highs.

Now all Bear witness to the compulsion of destruction comprising of nothing but hate, comprised of only the chronic yearn to escape the terror of yesterday.

I Diablo arrive, bursting out of darkness once hidden far from light. Now separated by thin layer of ice I bring my great wrath upon thy life. And surely you will perish among the degenerates of the day, and remain as forgotten as one single grain of dirt on the frozen tundra of destiny.

A Walk In Verse Inverted

Pic of Inverted

We can not fight the ever fought
with righteousness alone.
We can not Win this war with sin
stifling many is any fools throne.

We’re only fooled by which we think
by already, soon, and when.
Yet blindly  trust for we know in our soul
where we are going each time again.

But oft when in past or future
are minds are most always boldest.
We remember things not as they were
these stories do uphold us.

With excuses and lies we paved our ways
never wanting to leave our grave.
Yet now we have our own rewards
and paradise lost we grieve.

Prison walls are grayed with greed
mates are those down lower.
But now were all pinned here together
crowned with thorns of power.

For heaven cursed us equals now
equipped to strike our pain.
If I can’t win then we all lose
unless were air born again.

An Iron Clad lock forged with fear
lies become our friends.
At least ,we think,  its over soon
then find there are no ends.

For time stands still for those who suffer
from Inability to speak.
Those gifts which we had once received
now only make us weak.

But there was a key buried long ago
in a place all men but forgot.
I will remind thee only once again
where it is and where its not.
It lies just beyond the furthest reaches
even closer than your skin.
You put it there yourself you know
upon deciding life unkind.
In the last place they could steal from you
the darkest corner of your soul.
Hidden in bones left by the beast
such a long long time EGO.

One more hint if you’re still stuck
on where to find its faceplate.
Concealed in time beyond your fate
the transformation invites an evil place.

By now its buried so deep beneath
the soil of your intentions.
Alas fear not, and don’t lose hope
a path so old none mention.

Just remember it was you alone
decided where to hide it.
Where it could stay indefinitely
unspoiled by the band of pirates.

You,  yes You the only one
another will never know.
Where you entered the cave
when you lost your way.

And the places that you’d go
Succumb to concrete prison walls
made green with all your envy.
Things that all those people have
were stolen in the frenzy.

Ideas and our delusions
are constructed out of horror.
Which may not be our very own
when off the path we falter.

For we see NOT,  without compassion
whats lurking in the dark.
Only to find our own reflection
a mission to embark.
We may some day walk high on heels
we may some day tread deeply.
But no matter where we aim our minds
our souls shall follow discreetly.

We give such trust to this and that
we grip to what we thinketh.
All we’ll ever know is parts
were missing all the linkage.

Without ever a hint of doubt
we need not double-click.
For its necklace we can’t live without
is choked around our neck.

For all the while we live in space
we truly are but one.
Dismay has found an opening
survival has begun.
We try too hard to wash our wants
in anointed oils from heaven above.
We mistake the righteous for the right
then doubt our own direction.
All have but one true desire
that surpasses all retention.
All will gain what’s wanted most
yet never know what best.


Theres something spinning in your mind
a plan is in the works.
We’ll probably never come to know
why its built of things that hurt.

Since pain is now the one way left
for us to get caught up.
We self inflict the horror show
which spills out all our cup.
The things we’ve seen so far are worse
than anything we’ve known.
That which you read in comfort now
take heed its warning soon.

I hope this message finds you still
but begs to uncover anything ill.
Each and every person here
desired one foe to kill.

So, to gain everlasting peace
in this life and the next,
is easier than you think my friend
one need not be perplexed.
The answer is inside us all
no instruments can detect
Once you decide you’ll go anywhere
there’s no place you’ll need to quest.

May the answer be the one you need right now
when you find yourself at rest.
— Peace —

love poem #9

She lies to you because it draws you in
fights with you and always wins.
Argues when you need to be humbled
without her you’d be in deep trouble.

She tests you when your feeling down
To make sure that you’ll stick around.
She’s the only one who truly knows
What you’ll need to make you grow.

He’s there for you with foolish pride
With all his might, stands by your side.
Even though you don’t know why
His gaze to you lifts you to greater heights.

He loves you although his way is lost.
Never jealous because he knows the cost.
He wants to learn what makes you proud.
He wants you to smile and laugh out loud.

When she decides to change her mind
She does it to build your strength inside.
When she’s out of reach and out of touch
Thats not the time to talk too much.

When he decides to stay out late,
forgets about all times and dates.
Let him learn from his mistakes
Let him fall flat on his face.

If you love each other, thats all it takes.
Be in it for as long as the journey takes.
Carefully tread, don’t judge mistakes.
Because its you who’ll fall another day.

If its written in the stars you’ll be together just as you are
But if its not meant to be, you must let go to be happy.

May you be blessed with happiness in all your entanglements,
May you learn your lessons only once or twice,
May you learn how to love each other,
May you never need to seek another.

Yet another poem of Love…
Check back soon as love is always redefining itself.

So long

finished espresso

So long to yesterday, its merit remains

upon a white cloth a deep purple imprint has stained

So long my lost love, though your memories are fading

Ill cherish them long as I can without hating

So long to old friends, your actions brought lessons

which shape every day uncovering blessings


So long dear grandpa, a true legacy you left

your children and grandchildren are fighting their best

So long dear grandma, who was always most helpful

when no one else would scrape out the gravel

So long departed, I regret moving on

but to hold on too tightly only darkens the dawn


So long old worries, which now are called hangups

that prevent me from living right here and right now

So long ancient wounds which have chiseled my heart out

from the block it once was to the shape of a peanut

So long my youth, I will miss you the most

For the body Im living in pretends more than boasts


So long bad memories, which just misperceive

all of my life, you’ve been the worst thief

So long inner child, it has been good to know you

but the ideas you provided have been based on denial

So long old habits, its time that we part

that once you provided, now crushes my heart


So long old wounds, Ive paid more than my dues

I feel we can now part without forgetting my queues

So long old home, that served well to grow up in

but the one I have now, needs all my attention

Goodbye cruel world, Im leaving you now

I heading to wonderland to see about a girl.

Malcontent – a poem

Project Gutenberg Pen and Ink

Unable to love
is the worst cut of all
temptation to offer
a soul beckoned call

while mistaken for greed
by fouled misdeeds
Intentions are purest
when innocence leads

though the lonely heart
makes frail decisions
while drowning in
a sea of derision

soon barely afloat
on ones own wishes
the mob and the jury
seek spectacle hurried

those people just hate
only lusting for power
they seek out the lesser
the tremblers the cowards

for the weak nerves awry
while bravado alluring
behind those soft eyes
their hatred is yearning

from a distance afar
may look dark or invisible
yet traversing the moat
of the castle invincible

to find once inside
the door shuts behind
never seen it coming
to them you are blind

NOW vengeance begins
each step you draw closer
karma clutches your skin
and seals the way in

no chance of escape
no hope for return
the ignorant ally
replaced with slow burns

and the path back to life
it never returns.


be cautious, be patient
they await your demise
its the job of the mob
to remove your disguise

once they lock on
theres no more reprise
so tread with great care
with mindful awareness

their burden to bear
is your’s in the end

let their demons go home

for they’ll never be friends

– With love –

Denial – Shame – Persecution – Victim – a poem

Best Sandwich Ever

Shame & Denial, Tempt Persecution.

Search and destroy

Search and rescue

Formidable confusion…


Kindness mistaken, True Love forsaken

Quickens to twisted and dark conversation

With Perception askew, direction untrue

The path that once was, is covered from view.


Behold the giver, in now different light

ill received, misconceived, aggressive to fight.

Anger and rage, control binds the victim

motivates the wicked, to ruin gods kingdom.


Decayed palace walls, now cracked and bare

draw anyone with knowledge of how to repair

to their own morbid demise and utter despair

crying “life isn’t fair” “Oh Life isn’t fair.”


Craving instant relief, for all who partake

Reprisal, en repose, a well deserved break

Lets the body feel happiness, While the heart starts to ache

accelerating faster the bodies’ decay.


Crashing to an end, a hopeful chapter can begin

yet midway through writing, realization sets in.

This its just the same story and nobody wins.

again and again and again and again….





love poem #5


by Jeremiah Williams.
As beauty tears open unhealed wounds
empathy unearths deep roots from their supper.

Confusion begins,
cured with salt and gin.
sacrifice solves.

Scarlet solutions dissolve sin.
Prayers of concrete priests
borrowed from one counterfeit liar,
never making sense to a non-reformed sinner,
yet the guardian awaits to reverse the gates.

Hidden deep in the dark forest, a gilded cave exists.
With no source of fire  indifference persists.
the shadows tell stories of madness and bliss.
curiosity is shunned by empirical myths
when coal becomes diamond through pressure and time uncovers new meaning, a lifetime sublime.
Until our eternal slumber in a pit of earth,
its better to remember that once beauty was there.

As all unborn ideas swallow unbridled passion.
Only to uncover what lies underneath,
aren’t roots of the great oak,
but reinforced steel with tensile and girth.

While strength of the sword depends on heat of a hammer neither lover nor foe may disturb that which clammers.
either give seekers attention or murder what matters.

For now only you and your lover have matches.
needn’t thou worry about trials of fire

when fury and wrath replace non-hinged desire
hitherto realizing what fuels true devotion
never laid beneath, only floats upon oceans,
highest of endless tyrannical bliss enforced by beauty
in all of us,
all along.

I remembered a man

I thought of someone tonight, whom I haven’t thought of in a long time. A man who raised me, but wasn’t my biological father. A man who had already sacrificed his life raising three crazy children long before I showed up. A man who was a good provider for his family, and provided for their family long after he was gone from this earth. A man who would sit outside the house with me, in Canarsie, when all the kids at PS 115 stole from me, ridiculed me, and framed me for things I would never do.  He played a simple game with me. The game was played with a blue rubber ball and a coin. The only object of the game was to hit the coin in such a way, as to cause it to flip over. There were no winners or losers at this game. Just the game itself. It always made me feel better about everything.

This man would take me out into the world and I would feel safe from its horrors. He first introduced me to Coney Island’s rides and Nathan’s hot dogs. We would also go to this strange amusement park in Brooklyn, which was almost out of business, so we usually had the place to ourselves. It has been about 16 years or more since he was taken at a young age of 55 from his apartment in Midtown Manhattan, which he would let me stay at when he wasn’t there, when I was older. He was the type of guy that would always foot the bill whether he was asked or not, and even helped me start a business which did so well the high school asked to stop because I was profiting more than they were from the students. After all, we just sold skateboard equipment. He had a class, a charm and could own the room if necessary.

He also had a raging temper, but never once unleashed it on me. He knew that part of me understood when I was wrong and I was always doing my best, with the cards I was dealt. I am so thankful for this person being in my life and setting the high standard for the people that I have in my life today. I can’t thank you enough for your time that you spent with me. I hope everyone gets to have a grandfather as fantastic as you always will be to me.


Your loving Grandson.

Gods are Pointless – A modern day Shakespearean Sonnet — by Jeremiah Williams

A modern day sonnet by Jeremiah Williams


GODS are pointless, so its true.

Disagreements futile.

Some believe in magic too

their mind and body a child’s.

When a person believes there are no fees

for each and every action,

their souls will rot accordingly

imprisoned by satisfaction.

But alas in life, its not so easy

to view the edge of right and wrong,

overlapping its presence has always been

absent Gods unlikely to respond.

So how can thou judge another’s fee

if from one pair of eyes, can only see?

This sonnet was inspired by a the Sonnets of Shakespeare. It uses fourteen lines and a roughly adhered to iambic pentameter as a guide. It keeps to the rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I recommend writing one of your own and sharing it with the world, or just me, in the comments below.

You’ve Stolen My Heart

JW photography, Model - Susanna Balog,
A photo and poem by Jeremiah Williams






We didn’t think we’d fall in love,
since all we did was quarrel
like squirrels we suddenly found our love,
on one branch ready to plummet.

Yet now since you’ve gone,
I’ve been wandering wrong,
and my life is longer intact.

Seemed not so far gone,
That we knew this would come,
But I failed to consider the facts,

Once I gave in,
To the most beautiful sin,
my soul became colored with  black.

Well at least now I’ve learned,
that you’ve stolen my heart,
and I ‘m never ever getting it back.

Keep it. You’re the only one that could make it work anyway.

Fare The Well Always.

Photography – Jeremiah Williams
Model – Susanna Balog
Painters – Jeremiah Williams & Susanna Balog
Poet – Jeremiah Williams
Inspiration – Lost Love






A Poem on Death and Dying – by Jeremiah Williams

Where would I be, if I wasn’t me,

Maybe a pirate, who conquers the seas,
Or maybe a sailor who has a disease,
I might be a warrior, so thin and strong,
I might be a genius who’d never be wrong,

I might be a dancer, as light as the air,
I might drive a taxi, and life would be fare,
Or maybe a pilot, soaring the skies,
or perhaps a prophet, who hides behind lies,

I would have had different parents,
One’s who raised me with grace,
I would have been wealthier,
And had exquisite taste,

If I’d been more loved,
And given more attention,
I’d probably be president,
And create the best inventions,

If I’d been more kind,
And knew what I know,
Life would’ve been easy,
Not a treacherous road,

If I’d been more forgiving,
I would surely have found,
That once it is done,
It comes back around,

If I hadn’t been shy,
I’d have many more tries,
At laughing and loving,
And touching the skies

There’d be more happy endings
When all seemed so lost,
I would have done less pretending
Whatever the cost.

I’d definitely be happier
At least half of the time,
And I’d throw the best parties,
And drink the best wine,

I would give the best hugs,
And I’d take the best drugs,
And I’d have many women,
Exotic, not thugs

I’d have many more friends,
That would be obvious,
It’s easy to imagine
A much larger audience.

I’d be a noble prince
It’s not such a far leap,
It’s clear to me now,
As I sit here and weep.


As I ponder all the ways,
Which my life could be better,
I shudder to think,
I might share this letter,

With people who know me,
And people who see,
What a wonderful person,
I almost could be

So what I’ll do in the end,
Is make pretend I had friends,
That I led a good life,
That I had a beautiful wife,

That I was a nobleman,
Dressed to impress,
That the ladies all adored me,
And shared in my success,

As the curtains now come,
To a gradual close,
And my memory fades,
Of the new and the old,

I’ll remember more good times,
The glory old days,
And I’ll fill in the blank spots,
Masquerade escapades

I’ll makeup the past,
Without any proof,
For whom is to care,
Who remembers my youth,

But one thing’s for sure,
beyond any doubt,
I won’t give a fuck,
what I lived with or without,

I wont’ even remember
This day in september,
Nor will I care,
of my looks or my hair,

I will cease any more pride,
In my basic appearance,
I won’t even bathe,
I’ll put my soul on clearance.

I won’t ever be sad, or happy or glad,
I won’t recognize the memories of my mom of my dad,
I will completely forget about,
All that I’ve seen,

Both beautiful and haneous,
Will lose all their meaning,

Approaching the end I’ll no longer worry,
About how I appear or why I should hurry,

I’ll spend the last days in calmness and fright,
At things more important like heaven or flight,

Now awake in a hospice, arrives the angel of death,
He waits and he watches as I take my last breath,
He looms and he stares with his deep black eyes,
And draws closer to my head, neck, chest, waist, and thighs,

This marks a great triumph which fills me with relief,
That life will go on but do so without me,

I now no longer wonder,
what could have been, should have been,
what would have, and should have,
happened to me,

I will cease to exist and I’ll never see,
What life would have been, could have been,
If I wasn’t me…

written by – Jeremiah Williams – on death and dying