Gods are Pointless – A modern day Shakespearean Sonnet — by Jeremiah Williams

A modern day sonnet by Jeremiah Williams


GODS are pointless, so its true.

Disagreements futile.

Some believe in magic too

their mind and body a child’s.

When a person believes there are no fees

for each and every action,

their souls will rot accordingly

imprisoned by satisfaction.

But alas in life, its not so easy

to view the edge of right and wrong,

overlapping its presence has always been

absent Gods unlikely to respond.

So how can thou judge another’s fee

if from one pair of eyes, can only see?

This sonnet was inspired by a the Sonnets of Shakespeare. It uses fourteen lines and a roughly adhered to iambic pentameter as a guide. It keeps to the rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I recommend writing one of your own and sharing it with the world, or just me, in the comments below.