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Best Sandwich Ever
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Denial – Shame – Persecution – Victim – a poem

Shame & Denial, Tempt Persecution. Search and destroy Search and rescue Formidable confusion…   Kindness mistaken, True Love forsaken Quickens to twisted and dark conversation With Perception askew, direction untrue The path that once was, is covered from view.   … Continue reading

Esu Logo
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News Radio Broadcast for East Stroudsburg University Homecoming Race

Here is a news style radio broadcast of the homecoming race 2013 at East Stroudsburg University. The interviewer is myself, Jeremiah Williams, the interviewed is Allison White a candidate in the race for homecoming queen 2013. I was asked to … Continue reading

Illustration by Jeremiah Williams
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Faces of the Pentadroid – Op Art – Illustration by Jeremiah Williams

Here is a piece I just finished. It is called “Faces of the Pentadroid” because the entire piece of work is based on one singular shape being reflected and rotated over and over again. It has some fractal characteristics and can be considered … Continue reading

photography by Jeremiah Williams of the Hurricane Wall in New Bedford MA.
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By the Water – A duet of photography and writing.

What would it be like to live by the sea? Near water, it seems thoughts are clearer, and have a slower pace. Perhaps, there is a profound physiological reaction that caused from the nearness of water. It relaxes, it soothes, … Continue reading

Great Gorge
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The Beauty of Great Gorge Captured by Jeremiah Williams

This photograph captures the beauty of Great Gorge, a valley deep in the mountains in Jim Thorpe, PA. This picture was taken from the foot bridge on the walking trail. We had really lucked out that day. It was a … Continue reading