Faces of the Pentadroid – Op Art – Illustration by Jeremiah Williams

Illustration by Jeremiah Williams
Illustration based on a pentagon, a five sided equilateral shape, using adobe illustrator by Jeremiah Williams

Here is a piece I just finished. It is called “Faces of the Pentadroid” because the entire piece of work is based on one singular shape being reflected and rotated over and over again. It has some fractal characteristics and can be considered a tessellation. It could as well be classified as Op Art due to its mesmerizing effect in which your brain is constantly changing the artwork and morphing it into different grouped shapes which vary from flat to 3D. Sometimes the art seems to form a surprise of a 3D face every once and a while. I am also considering using this as an album cover art for a 3 song avant garde’ electronica project I have in the works.

My process: I used adobe illustrator to create this piece of work. I began with a single pentagon, turned it into a symbol and kept on reflecting it until it filled the page. This created both a 3D illusion and a unified repetition. Although I did not begin this project with a defined idea of what it would appear to like when it was done, I am very satisfied with the finished product.

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