View From The Summit of Mt Tammany – Appalachian Trail

Mt Tammany SummitThis is a panoramic photograph of the view at the top of Mt Tammany located on the New Jersey Side of the Delaware Water Gap, and is one of my favorite trails to hike. This trail has a difficulty rating of a 7 out of 10, by the Parks Commission. The climb ascends 1200 feet over 2 miles which makes the incline fairly steep, and at times almost treacherous. Because I live so close, I have the distinct pleasure of hiking this trail at least once a month. The mountain has always been there for me to depend on, when I am having a tough week.

This photograph was captured with my iPhone 4G. It was then stitched together seamlessly with Photoshop. Basically, if you want to turn your 6 megapixel camera into a 36 megapixel camera, just take 6 shots with a digital camera that has a 6 megapixel sensor and let Photoshop combine them. Just make sure you slightly overlap your shots, in order  to aid Photoshop in deciding where you want to connect them.

Self Portrait? Look Closely

Self - Portrait Look Closely
Self portrait taken at the High Museum in Atlanta

This image was captured at the High Museum in Atlanta, GA. This piece was on the 4th Floor among the other breathtaking modern art to see on that floor. This piece stood about 6 feet tall and is completely circular. Also, it had a concave curve that seemed perfectly symmetrical, and was about one foot or so deep. It looked like it was built with thousands of pieces of cut mirrors, affixed to the inside of the concave shape. It also wielded another surprise which cannot be described in words, because it reverberated your own sound right back into your eardrums. My breath almost sounded like a tornado.If your ever in Atlanta Georgia and enjoy modern art, it is a great place to spend an afternoon.The 4th floor is where they house the modern art exhibits. I was impressed. I enjoyed the museum. I spent about half a day there. They do have other art located on the other three floors; it was not my cup of tea.

Playin’ Gritty Blues at the Annual Dellaria Picnic

The Blues Dude sings the Blues
The Blues Dude sings the Blues
Singing and playing the Blues at the Dellaria’s annual party. Photo By Elisa True-Byrne

I love blues guitar and I am not afraid to tell anyone. I have been profoundly affected by the great blues players of the 20th century such as; Buddy Guy, Albert King, Freddie King, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, and many others. Often I get asked the very same question after someone finds out that I play in a Blues Band; so, who is your favorite blues artist? I have to tell you, answering that question is absolutely impossible! It has to many variables. To be able to answer that question I would have to always play the same thing over and over. There is no way I would want to shortchange myself by listening to the same artists all the time.

Currently, and this may change, I am enjoying the legacy Freddie King has left behind. I like the way he uses a major tonality, or for you non-musicians out there, an uplifting put a smile on your face type of sound. Freddie King left us some real gems to play around with. His most famous song would probably be Hideaway. Almost every professional blues guitar player learns this at one time or another. Personally I tend to like to play slightly more obscure songs, like ones not as “played out” as much. For example, with the amazing group of musicians I usually play out with, we play Stumble because we know how many other people play hideaway. We like to keep things fresh, and this is very hard to do when your playing music that been around for, oh let’s say, at least 50 years.

To find more information about The Blues Dude, go to , THEBLUESDUDE.COM . This site dedicated to keeping the blues alive and well.

Happy Birthday!!


Well today is a special day!! I just wanted to give myself gift of a personal website. Thanks everyone for saying such wonderful stuff about me on my birthday!!