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A Walk In Verse Inverted

We can not fight the ever fought
with righteousness alone.
We can not Win this war with sin
stifling many is any fools throne.

We’re only fooled by which we think
by already, soon, and when.
Yet blindly  trust for we know in our soul
where we are going each time again.

But oft when in past or future
are minds are most always boldest.
We remember things not as they were
these stories do uphold us.

With excuses and lies we paved our ways
never wanting to leave our grave.
Yet now we have our own rewards
and paradise lost we grieve.

Prison walls are grayed with greed
mates are those down lower.
But now were all pinned here together
crowned with thorns of power.

For heaven cursed us equals now
equipped to strike our pain.
If I can’t win then we all lose
unless were air born again.

An Iron Clad lock forged with fear
lies become our friends.
At least ,we think,  its over soon
then find there are no ends.

For time stands still for those who suffer
from Inability to speak.
Those gifts which we had once received
now only make us weak.

But there was a key buried long ago
in a place all men but forgot.
I will remind thee only once again
where it is and where its not.
It lies just beyond the furthest reaches
even closer than your skin.
You put it there yourself you know
upon deciding life unkind.
In the last place they could steal from you
the darkest corner of your soul.
Hidden in bones left by the beast
such a long long time EGO.

One more hint if you’re still stuck
on where to find its faceplate.
Concealed in time beyond your fate
the transformation invites an evil place.

By now its buried so deep beneath
the soil of your intentions.
Alas fear not, and don’t lose hope
a path so old none mention.

Just remember it was you alone
decided where to hide it.
Where it could stay indefinitely
unspoiled by the band of pirates.

You,  yes You the only one
another will never know.
Where you entered the cave
when you lost your way.

And the places that you’d go
Succumb to concrete prison walls
made green with all your envy.
Things that all those people have
were stolen in the frenzy.

Ideas and our delusions
are constructed out of horror.
Which may not be our very own
when off the path we falter.

For we see NOT,  without compassion
whats lurking in the dark.
Only to find our own reflection
a mission to embark.
We may some day walk high on heels
we may some day tread deeply.
But no matter where we aim our minds
our souls shall follow discreetly.

We give such trust to this and that
we grip to what we thinketh.
All we’ll ever know is parts
were missing all the linkage.

Without ever a hint of doubt
we need not double-click.
For its necklace we can’t live without
is choked around our neck.

For all the while we live in space
we truly are but one.
Dismay has found an opening
survival has begun.
We try too hard to wash our wants
in anointed oils from heaven above.
We mistake the righteous for the right
then doubt our own direction.
All have but one true desire
that surpasses all retention.
All will gain what’s wanted most
yet never know what best.


Theres something spinning in your mind
a plan is in the works.
We’ll probably never come to know
why its built of things that hurt.

Since pain is now the one way left
for us to get caught up.
We self inflict the horror show
which spills out all our cup.
The things we’ve seen so far are worse
than anything we’ve known.
That which you read in comfort now
take heed its warning soon.

I hope this message finds you still
but begs to uncover anything ill.
Each and every person here
desired one foe to kill.

So, to gain everlasting peace
in this life and the next,
is easier than you think my friend
one need not be perplexed.
The answer is inside us all
no instruments can detect
Once you decide you’ll go anywhere
there’s no place you’ll need to quest.

May the answer be the one you need right now
when you find yourself at rest.
— Peace —

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