Malcontent – a poem

Project Gutenberg Pen and Ink

Unable to love
is the worst cut of all
temptation to offer
a soul beckoned call

while mistaken for greed
by fouled misdeeds
Intentions are purest
when innocence leads

though the lonely heart
makes frail decisions
while drowning in
a sea of derision

soon barely afloat
on ones own wishes
the mob and the jury
seek spectacle hurried

those people just hate
only lusting for power
they seek out the lesser
the tremblers the cowards

for the weak nerves awry
while bravado alluring
behind those soft eyes
their hatred is yearning

from a distance afar
may look dark or invisible
yet traversing the moat
of the castle invincible

to find once inside
the door shuts behind
never seen it coming
to them you are blind

NOW vengeance begins
each step you draw closer
karma clutches your skin
and seals the way in

no chance of escape
no hope for return
the ignorant ally
replaced with slow burns

and the path back to life
it never returns.


be cautious, be patient
they await your demise
its the job of the mob
to remove your disguise

once they lock on
theres no more reprise
so tread with great care
with mindful awareness

their burden to bear
is your’s in the end

let their demons go home

for they’ll never be friends

– With love –

Type A CMD – A 10 Minutes Sci-Fi Audiobook Podcast – Pilot Episode

Pic of studio

This is an audio story, or podcast, that I wrote recorded and produced. It would be considered science fiction by most standards but all the events in the story could actually happen in the present. It takes place in a simple town with normal people just like your town, and the hero is just an unsuspecting, borderline genius, who wants nothing more than to have a great group of friends and a wonderful woman at his side. The hero is also a computer guru who spends his time using his computer skills  for mostly immoral purposes. The concept was inspired by a couple of great friends who reside outside of Atlanta, GA. Arya and Sean. Thanks guys, you will always be awesome in my book !!!!

Listen to it. it’s only 10 minutes and has a great plot.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=true&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Written and recorded by Jeremiah Williams at Meak studios in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Produced by Jeremiah Williams. Sound design and Foley by Jeremiah Williams.

Voice actors in order of aural appearance : Jeremiah Williams – main character, Brad Lombardo – Bartender, Allie White – Girl on phone.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the sounds as I could not do it all myself. You guys rock!!



Faces of the Pentadroid – Op Art – Illustration by Jeremiah Williams

Illustration by Jeremiah Williams
Illustration based on a pentagon, a five sided equilateral shape, using adobe illustrator by Jeremiah Williams

Here is a piece I just finished. It is called “Faces of the Pentadroid” because the entire piece of work is based on one singular shape being reflected and rotated over and over again. It has some fractal characteristics and can be considered a tessellation. It could as well be classified as Op Art due to its mesmerizing effect in which your brain is constantly changing the artwork and morphing it into different grouped shapes which vary from flat to 3D. Sometimes the art seems to form a surprise of a 3D face every once and a while. I am also considering using this as an album cover art for a 3 song avant garde’ electronica project I have in the works.

My process: I used adobe illustrator to create this piece of work. I began with a single pentagon, turned it into a symbol and kept on reflecting it until it filled the page. This created both a 3D illusion and a unified repetition. Although I did not begin this project with a defined idea of what it would appear to like when it was done, I am very satisfied with the finished product.

E-lightenment – A short story about the Apple iPhone 5S release line – by Jeremiah Williams

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

It was late, or early, depending on your point of view. The night was dark and cold, about 38 degrees. The orange glow illuminated, what looked like smoke from a cigarette, my every exhalation. On first glance, it looked like a ghost town on the surface of mars, since an orange-yellow hue surrounded the building and each light source. As I scanned the area, I noticed a few vehicles parked out front by the entrance, with engines combusting. These vehicles weren’t moving, I had a hunch they were being used for protection from the outdoors and their heat was cranked.

A few chairs sat outside the entranceway which had hidden cameras and a set of energy efficient fog lights aimed at the clear glass doors. I was overwhelmed with a combination of joy and delirium. I hadn’t slept in 20 hours and I never expected to be fourth on this line. “Gotta love the Poconos,” I thought. After all I had heard about hundreds of people camping out in Lehigh Valley and King of Prussia mall just to not leave empty handed. What was to be hopefully attained by all, was a form of elite enlightenment, of which I now call, E-LIGHTENMENT, which would be granted to a small few, out of hundreds of thousands.

First order of business was to bide my time, and eradicate the possibility of falling asleep unintentionally. I parked the car. I noticed the chairs, so I placed mine third in the queue which started at the glass doors, just to be safe. My first concern, as always after consuming copious amounts of caffeinated coffee, was a toilet. I saw two possibilities: a 24 hour supermarket, or a gas station. I knew the supermarket’s toilets were kept neat and clean at this hour, yet it was a bit farther away then the dingy minuscule mart that had stations for 18 wheelers. Tired and dizzy, I crossed the four-lane highway to avoid the longer haul.

Upon entering the dimly lit gaseteria, I was practically assaulted by the smell of feces that invaded my nostrils in this ambush nasal. I decided to make haste. A blind man would have no problem locating the bathroom in this shithole. I pushed on. I had already taken my life into my own hands once that night by crossing the four lane highway which consequently made me more alert than I expected. The fear or getting run over was intensified by may lack of awareness and sleep. I entered the small room only to be fired upon by the stench of chemical warfare which shot up my nose. I made my contribution.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

I arrived back at my Jag, after the battle, overwhelmed with a sense of delirious excitement. I was curious to meet my new set of obsessed friends. I took a walk and a chance and knocked on a window. I was greeted by a happy intellectual voice, loudly welcoming me in a Jamaican accent, into the car to watch a streaming movie on his old 3G. He too was a loner, like me, who’s obsession with technology drove him to madness as well. I got in, it was warm, and the devices audio was playing through the car stereo which created a superb movie watching experience. I knew things would be fine between him and I.

At least halfway into the gory horror movie, I noticed the moon was no longer very high in the sky and a few more vehicles had just pulled up. I was again consumed by excitement. Our conversation over the movie was that of Apps. This man was an App Guru. He had, in my best Dustan Hoffman in Rainman guess, 4 rows of 27 by 4 screen fulls, about 513 Apps, on his phone. We chatted for a while, I learned he was from Trinidad. “What a neat accent to have” I thought to myself. The movie was just too intense for me so I got out to meet some new friends.

I waved politely, it was a girl. Fantastic, and not to hard on eye either. Just what I like, not gorgeous yet not unattractive either. The night kept gettin better. As I introduced myself to everyone in a calm and scary overtired clown kind of way, we all started to chat. I had broken the ice. Thats what I do, break ice. I have always been a kind of social lubricant on my own and enjoy that quality about myself greater each year. It was now getting light out.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

The light of day seemed to cut the power pines to all the lights in the parking lot, including the fog lights aimed at the glass doors where our line began. Curiously, I wondered who the genius was who thought everybody in line would be represented by a object they owned. A great idea was this. We all followed suit. We weren’t chained to the queue, and there was no confusion about the order of the line. This type of pecking order is always created within groups; a beginning a middle and an end, without anybody taking charge. This just seems to happen naturally, and beautifully when allowed to.

The sign on the door read, September 20th, we will be opening at 8:00 am, and it there wasn’t much time to left. Eleven people now stood on the line, and many of them smoking at the same time. Disgusting! I was a fool for ever smoking, since it did nothing for me but help destroy capillaries and create more anxiety than I ever admitted. There they were in their button down shirts and fancy name-tags, approaching the entrance with their slick set of keys and box of donuts for nobody but themselves. A person in line shouted the most cliched statement that has ever left a persons lips since the beginning of time, “What none for us?” I chuckled out of sympathy for the shouter, since he was as we all were: overtired, cranky, bored and excited.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

8:00 was quickly approaching, the line was growing in an irrational number: e. Then a, man finally came out with an iPad and started taking down the line order and everyone’ s information to hopefully speed the dwindling of the line. He had this look in his eye as if today were going to be a very long day for him and his colleagues. For him it was, for us, it was going to be a day filled with button pushing bliss of the elite variety.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

For us it was to be a day that only few would experience. For us it was our day. For us it is a day of triumph that we all had longed for. I suspected that for many of us, triumph was not a part of our everyday routine. But today, this day, we had all won the only war we could win and outsmarted and out foxed the largest amount of opponents any of us could ever dream of. Today we are victorious! Today, is our day. Today is the day that we can walk around the living as an object of envy for a change. Today we held in our hand an item that is far more advanced and sophisticated that anyone else’s in the country. A machine that not only began the birth of the first handheld Ai unit ever made, but aided us in our daily tasks with ease and without human interaction at. A device which unlike any of it’s kind would respond to our touch and read our own unique fingerprint to unlock. This victory will not be forgotten, and can never be taken away from us. It was us with ten minutes that 8:00 came that were filled with joy and memories that would mark us forerunners of the elite, until the end. We had all became E-LIGHTENED.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

Thanks to everyone who waited in line with that cold dark day, if you happen to come across this article please shoot me a message.

written by Jeremiah Williams

Kitten Festival 9 – 2013 New Jersey

A photo of the lands of the 9th Kitten Festival,
Kitten Festival, 2013, June 29th, Photo and editing by Jeremiah Williams

It began as random as a snow in Savannah, and I had no idea what to expect. It was in a place I had never been to, a ball-field built for the New Jersey Cardinals, located  northeast of nowhere. I knew no-one except for the musician who invited me. When we arrived it was dark. Nothing could be seen if it weren’t for the massive orange light way up in the sky, barely illuminating what looked like a few picnic tables on a large concrete slab. The festival is called Kittenfest 9 or The Kitten Festival in 2013, and I was there to help.

Eventually, I met a few new people who’s names I can barely remember, due to my difficulty remembering names. It’s funny though, I never forget a face. I think my brain just has an easier time remembering pictures over data, nothing personal. As the night progressed I was very pleased to find many people whom which had brought their guitars. There were small pockets everywhere of people jamming and singing both familiar, and unfamiliar songs. I was intimidated. I knew I could hold my own, yet I had no idea how practiced anyone was. I eventually took a chance and began to mingle allowing my guitar to do most of the talking that my mouth was just too nervous to do. After playing music with ten or so people, I realized that I was accepted by at least the few people that mattered most. We partied, then slept indoors with our outdoor equipment. Before I slept, I remembered thinking, this is going to be my first Kitten Festival ever, what did I get myself into.

The next morning I was awoke by the chattering of some young girls. Not a bad way to wake up, I thought to myself in my half comatose state in which my senses were only at about ten to fifteen percent operational. What a lovely state to be in. Too bad it doesn’t naturally last longer than a few minutes. So now we were all wake except for one.

The day began with the responsibility of assisting the volunteers with the assembly of the stages. It was definitely a bit of a struggle for me being that I am not generally the best at taking orders from anybody, due to my residual issues created by my own disappointment with my own father’s methods or lack-thereof of being a father at all. He was always giving me these solutions to problems that seemed to backfire ninety-nine percent of the time. Eventually the pain became too great bear, so I decided it was best to take my own directions from then on. I am still this way after twenty years have passed. I was hesitant to become too involved, due to this shortcoming. I did help out getting the tarps over the stages and eventually the stages were completed and protected from the rain.

Kitten Festival, 2013, June 29th, Photo and editing by Jeremiah Williams

As people started  trickling in to watch the bands and see old friends, I began to notice things like the beautifully kept grass in the outfield, and on the infield, I imagined all the bases were there and on them, a ballgame being played. Then I realized, I hadn’t ever been in on a  full size professional baseball field. The last field I remember being on was my high school in Sayreville, New Jersey which was about half the size. This place was enormous, and I was going to keeping an eye on things making sure people partying weren’t becoming violent. There are many types of violence, the only one I was concerned with was the physical kind. I was also given the task of making sure people were paying and didn’t sneak in. Seemed easy enough.

The weather during the day was perfect. The sky was filled with beautifully shaped cumulus clouds. The sky was a beautiful saturated blue, the grass was a perfect green, the tress were a heavily contrasted darkened green, and the infield was a medium to light brown mixed with a hint of reddish hues. A perfect blend of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors was being drawn in by my brain and recorded to ward off the next change in the weather since nothing so beautiful could last for very long without changing to its opposite and feeding the trees. Next, the first band played and the Kitten Festival 2013 began.

If you would like to read about the events that occurred next at the Kitten Festival somewhere in NJ, subscribe to my website on the bottom of the page by entering your e-mail address. Thx. Spoiler alert – Shit got Weird!!!

Written by Jeremiah Williams
Artistic Photograph by Jeremiah Williams

Genesis – by Jeremiah Williams

A photo of a water lily taken by Jeremiah Williams
Photo taken in the Delaware Water Gap, by Jeremiah Williams, on a nice spring afternoon in June.

In the beginning there was nothing but the darkness. The darkness was happy for as long as it could remember.  However, one day the darkness became bored. It wanted to find something else, other than itself. It began looking everywhere. It found wherever it looked, it only found more of itself. Now curios, It traveled through all of the space searching, and wherever it looked, it filled it with a more darkness. The more it looked, the more it found itself. Finally, after many eons past, out of nowhere, the darkness saw something it had never seen before. A brief flicker, or spark, so tiny that it could only be noticed when the entirety of time and space was in complete darkness. The darkness was frightened.

The darkness tried to run. But the darkness could not hide, for it was everywhere that it could be. The darkness tried to escape, but it was already everywhere. Thus it could not. The darkness was trapped within the confines of all space and time that existed.

A microscopic flash of blue and white colored gas flickered just once again. Although the darkness was unsure of what had occurred, it felt a slight pinprick of warmth right where the microscopic flash had occurred. It created a sharp and intense pain within the darkness. This happened again, for a brief moment the darkness again felt the most terrifying pain and agony ever. Time passed and the darkness eventually dismissed this event. It tried to be happy again, but it could not find that place of peace ever again knowing that something else was out there that it did not understand.

Without warning, a painful explosion of the greatest magnitude engulfed a large chunk of the darkness. Horrified, the darkness tried in terror to flee as far from this event as possible. But the darkness had no place left to go, for it was already everywhere. Confused and hurt, the darkness tried to spread into the white hole and rid itself of this nuisance once and for all. But every time the darkness tried to overcome the round white hole it was met with excruciating pain. A pain so indescribable, so monumentally alarming, that it was felt throughout the entire universe.

This massive white ball began to subside, leaving behind if  different tones of black. This bewildered the darkness for he thought he had been alone for a very long time. Then the darkness realized something of grand importance. The darkness was never alone. It was only because the darkness had not seen anything, that it presumed it was alone. The darkness now needed a name to call this massive ball of white colored smoke. It called it light. And a new dawn was born.

The light eventually grew dimmer and things seemed to become clearer and into focus. The darkness could now see all the new possibilities and became very excited. The light had shown the darkness many beautiful spheroid bodies. The darkness immediately wanted to play with these new acquaintances. The darkness went over to these spheroids and as it began to get closer, it began to feel a familiar pain. A pain so great that it learned instantly that these objects were off limits to the darkness. The darkness had never felt this way before, for it knew that his power was being taken away. This upset the darknesses for it was once a limitless and all-powerfull force, without friend or foe.

The darkness soon grew sick. Everywhere, it looked, its counterpart light, began creating a multitude of colors, of which the darkness could not even come close to. Everywhere the light travelled, new objects were seen and began to change into rich hues of blues and greens. The darkness waited patiently and eventually fell into a deep sleep. As it slept, it dreamt of a time when it was the only force in the entire universe. It dreamt of ultimate power. Then, it dreamt of being alone which abruptly awoke the darkness, since the dream was becoming unpleasant. Awoken and refreshed, the darkness decided that a new plan needed be established, if it were ever going to be happy again.

The darkness looked closely and saw the light fading in different areas. There were now many illuminated pockets throughout all the galaxies. The darkness seized this opportunity. It instantly moved to these, revealing newly formed planetary spheroids. Finally, the darkness saw there was nothing on the far side of these massive, oblate spheroids. It saw an opportunity.

Immediately after, the darkness raced everywhere it could find places that the light would not go. A realization occurred, as long that it was willing to share half of everything with the light, it would be able to find magnitude of new places to be and new worlds to explore. This made the darkness happy again. But the light had other plans.

The light became angry and protested the behavior of the darkness. Before the light could do anything about this, the darkness was everywhere the light was not. It was on this miraculous day that a treaty was founded between all the light and all the darkness. In the contractual agreement, the light, and the darkness would equally separate all time and space, and declared it would forbidden for either one to ever occupy the same space at the same time. One half for the light and the other for the darkness. On this day, the light decided that the darkness needed a new moniker. They renamed the darkness and began to call it “Shadow”. There treaty forbid them to ever take more than half of anything that was ever created to be round, and the light would then choose where its sources of singularity would live, die, and be born.

Stay tuned for the exciting turn of events.

Written by Jeremiah Williams.
Digital Photography of Pink Lotus by Jeremiah Williams.

Dear Old Grand Dad

While I stare at all of you, while your lit up, I am reminded of unforgettable memories. The first memory was made by my dear Old Granddad. When I was thirteen, I was playing pool with some friends in the basement of their ‘rents house, in central Jersey. I was intrigued when my buddy introduced me to his grandfather, who had reached one-hundred. When his Granddad and I began to exchange ideas, I began to feel more confident.  The confusion was starting to clear up. I seemed that since that the two of us joined forced, we became an unstoppable team of old and new. I was unbeatable that night. I was on fire. I couldn’t lose. I felt the acceleration of the love of the spirit coursing through my veins like a bullet train heading downhill without any brakes. Then, my throat became enlarged and pleasantly swollen with great intention. I had no idea what was to happen next.

Suddenly, my 100 year old granddad had to leave. I felt betrayed. Who was going to be on my side now? Certainly not them, I thought to myself. No, not those people who have given me nothing but challenges, competition and confusion. I supposed we eventually all crossed the line, but It was I that won the race that night. I was the champion. The winner.  Who knew I was full of such courage? It was then that I learned the hardest lesson of all. The two types of people that are loneliest in this world are the ones on the bottom, and the ones of the top.  Looking back, I should have thrown that race, because of the precedent it set.  But now, there I stood, oozing with the stench of glorious madness. My eyes were fiery red and my chin was cocked down, in case a punch to the neck was thrown. I couldn’t fight, except for that night. This memory illustrated why the Buddha spoke in opposites during his life. I was the living example of why they warned all of us when we were young.

This is the reason men fight instead of forgive, why men judge instead of offering the benefit of the doubt,  and why this place has become a prison instead of a ballroom.

Soon I will have dementia again…..

– Jeremiah Williams – 🙂

Self Portrait of Jeremiah Williams, Narcissism @ its finest

jeremiah williams toying with light
jeremiah williams toying with light
Here I am, Jeremiah Williams, with some playing with light.

Here I am. Where are you? Are you here with me? In my sight. On my mind. Am I on your mind? Are our minds connected right now? Is there a way to quantify narcissism? Do you think we are equals? Do you think you are equal to your environment? Can equality be measured or just experienced?



The lonesome tree

The Lonesome Tree
This is a pic of a lonesome tree which I found in Lancaster right by the Lancaster Host.

I took this photo while I was in Lancaster and I decided to beat the sunrise. I had been on a search for a lonely tree to capture a feeling of loneliness while firmly connected at the same time. This tree is strongly rooted. It gives a feeling that at one time it was not alone. Instead of looking at the tree as disconnected and alone, one can honestly say that it has outlasted all its surroundings. So the next time you feel alone, think to yourself, I am so strong that I have truly lasted longer than anyone else. And although it may seem as though as though you are alone, your roots go further than you think.

I took this shot with a digital camera called a Canon T3i. Because the light wasn’t too scarce, I raised up the ISO a bit and gave it a quicker shutter speed. I gave it an f-stop of 6.3 with a shutter speed of 1/640 to ensure the picture was clear. I am not the worlds best photographer by any means. But I don’t claim to be an expert. So if all you DSLR snobs out there, haha, that know everything, don’t even bother dropping a comment unless it is helpful. Thanks for your understanding.

H & K Squared

This is reminiscent of the formulae of of a circle
This is reminiscent of the formulae of of a circle

The digital photography at Northampton College is one of the finest around. The class is being taught by one of the most highly sought after photographers in the Lehigh Valley. The curriculum is overseen by the well-known photographer Tom Shilliae, whom has been featured in many photo galleries around the globe, and currently resides at the campus as the director of the art and communications program at NCC.

There is a sense of community here at NCC, a feeling that brings everyone together no matter where your from or even how old you are. You will find the Professor that Teaches this semester named Ryan Hulvat, is professional on every level, and who’s knowledge of photography has no bounds. He is also fully versed in the theory that is required to master the art of photography. After all, why not get the most for your money? Enrollment for summer classes start soon. Keep checking the website for further details about pricing and enrollment requirements.

My name is Jeremiah, and I am a student at NCC, and feel I am getting the best education possible. So far, studying at NCC has increased my earning potential, and made me a much happier person overall. I can not speak highly enough of the educators and tutors they have on staff. Thanks NCC!

East Stroudsburg University – Outdoor Food Court

East Stroudsburg University
A picture from the outdoor area of the food-court facing towards Normal st. By Jeremiah Williams

Here is a photo I took of the outdoor Food-Court area. It was such a cloudy and rainy day that everything seemed to blend into the shot so well!!! I am not the best photographer in the Poconos, but I am certainly not the worst either. I hope you like it. Feel free to let me know what you think, leave a comment.

Playin’ Gritty Blues at the Annual Dellaria Picnic

The Blues Dude sings the Blues
The Blues Dude sings the Blues
Singing and playing the Blues at the Dellaria’s annual party. Photo By Elisa True-Byrne

I love blues guitar and I am not afraid to tell anyone. I have been profoundly affected by the great blues players of the 20th century such as; Buddy Guy, Albert King, Freddie King, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, and many others. Often I get asked the very same question after someone finds out that I play in a Blues Band; so, who is your favorite blues artist? I have to tell you, answering that question is absolutely impossible! It has to many variables. To be able to answer that question I would have to always play the same thing over and over. There is no way I would want to shortchange myself by listening to the same artists all the time.

Currently, and this may change, I am enjoying the legacy Freddie King has left behind. I like the way he uses a major tonality, or for you non-musicians out there, an uplifting put a smile on your face type of sound. Freddie King left us some real gems to play around with. His most famous song would probably be Hideaway. Almost every professional blues guitar player learns this at one time or another. Personally I tend to like to play slightly more obscure songs, like ones not as “played out” as much. For example, with the amazing group of musicians I usually play out with, we play Stumble because we know how many other people play hideaway. We like to keep things fresh, and this is very hard to do when your playing music that been around for, oh let’s say, at least 50 years.

To find more information about The Blues Dude, go to , THEBLUESDUDE.COM . This site dedicated to keeping the blues alive and well.