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Malcontent – a poem

Unable to love
is the worst cut of all
temptation to offer
a soul beckoned call

while mistaken for greed
by fouled misdeeds
Intentions are purest
when innocence leads

though the lonely heart
makes frail decisions
while drowning in
a sea of derision

soon barely afloat
on ones own wishes
the mob and the jury
seek spectacle hurried

those people just hate
only lusting for power
they seek out the lesser
the tremblers the cowards

for the weak nerves awry
while bravado alluring
behind those soft eyes
their hatred is yearning

from a distance afar
may look dark or invisible
yet traversing the moat
of the castle invincible

to find once inside
the door shuts behind
never seen it coming
to them you are blind

NOW vengeance begins
each step you draw closer
karma clutches your skin
and seals the way in

no chance of escape
no hope for return
the ignorant ally
replaced with slow burns

and the path back to life
it never returns.


be cautious, be patient
they await your demise
its the job of the mob
to remove your disguise

once they lock on
theres no more reprise
so tread with great care
with mindful awareness

their burden to bear
is your’s in the end

let their demons go home

for they’ll never be friends

– With love –

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