Fall Album – Photo Walk in Downtown Stroudsburg, PA

Here is a Photo Slideshow of the Photo walk I took today around downtown Stroudsburg, PA. These captured images of digital photography range from beautiful flower close-ups  to a few furry friends from the animal Kingdom.

Photos taken during fall season on October 13th, 2013, in downtown Stroudsburg, PA within a one mile radius from Main St.

All photos were taken by Jeremiah Williams and you must be given permission if you would like to duplicate them for any reason.

Yes they are available for sale. Please use the connect tab to inquire.

Broadhead Creek Ann Street Waterfall Stroudsburg PA

Ann Street Waterfall
Photo taken Oct 13th On 2013, At The Waterfall on Ann Street, in Downtown Stroudsburg PA


I went for a photo walk today and this shot of the waterfall was taken with my Canon Eos Rebel t3I and edited with Adobe Photoshop. I used a slower than normal shutter speed to get the moving water to look misty. The weather was so nice today that it was extremely enjoyable to walk around Stroudsburg and take Photographs. This was not the only photograph I took. I will post the rest as soon as they are edited and ready to go on my website.

By the Water – A duet of photography and writing.

photography by Jeremiah Williams of the Hurricane Wall in New Bedford MA.
Photo taken by Jeremiah Williams. In New Bedford, MA. On May 30th 2013.

What would it be like to live by the sea? Near water, it seems thoughts are clearer, and have a slower pace. Perhaps, there is a profound physiological reaction that caused from the nearness of water. It relaxes, it soothes, it even surrenders us. Water can create and destroy life. There are many robust and yet subtle properties that water contains.

The sea affects all the senses. Inside the ears, it presents a down-tempo rhythmic swish and swash. It is the heartbeat of mother nature herself. Through the eyes it provides a clear reflection of what is above it, or a beautifully textured, glistening, distortion of light. It keeps it from becoming dry and cracked and maintains the body’s natural balance of moisture. In a word, salty, tastes the sea.

Water can give life to all things that are near. People, plants and animals, will die without it. Although the rains spread it out, it only delivers a small fraction of the whole. To lift up all that massive weight would take an act of unbridled strength. We are all born in water. Water is necessary for all things to grow. Water quenches natures thirst to thrive and grow.

Water can take the lives of many. When a tornado, hurricane, twister or strong winds blow large bodies of water, it can eradicate life on huge areas of land. An earthquake may cause water to rise up hundreds of feet above sea level. A Tsunami has killed almost one-third of a million people in Indonesia in 2004. It is among the deadliest of forces which mother nature wields. Water will drown things that need air to survive.

When water is frozen is creates land masses that have made walkways. This is called an ice-bridge and supposedly enabled humans access to other continents, during the ice-age. Frozen water makes refreshing desserts. Some people like to skate over the frozen water. There exists a wonderful treat for children made mainly of frozen water. It is called a popsicle. Some believe it to travel from two continents over an ice-bridge. When water boils it removes bacteria and dirt. Water is used to make stew and soup and so many other meals too. Hot water can also scald the skin, making the skin sting for days on end.

Water gives life and takes it away. Water always coats everything it touches without ever missing a piece. With it’s unimaginable size and weight, is hard to imagine a force that can tame it. Water is beautiful and still terrifying. Yet ,there it sits. Perfectly adjusted to its surroundings and behaving like an obedient child, at least for right now.

The End.

Written by Jeremiah Williams to accompany a photograph taken by Jeremiah Williams. This photograph was taken by a hurricane bridge in New Bedford, MA. On the last day in May in 2013. While he was up to visit his Aunt and cousins in a home that was an integral piece of history within his family, and is now being sold due to economical reasons.

You’ve Stolen My Heart

JW photography, Model - Susanna Balog,
A photo and poem by Jeremiah Williams






We didn’t think we’d fall in love,
since all we did was quarrel
like squirrels we suddenly found our love,
on one branch ready to plummet.

Yet now since you’ve gone,
I’ve been wandering wrong,
and my life is longer intact.

Seemed not so far gone,
That we knew this would come,
But I failed to consider the facts,

Once I gave in,
To the most beautiful sin,
my soul became colored with  black.

Well at least now I’ve learned,
that you’ve stolen my heart,
and I ‘m never ever getting it back.

Keep it. You’re the only one that could make it work anyway.

Fare The Well Always.

Photography – Jeremiah Williams
Model – Susanna Balog
Painters – Jeremiah Williams & Susanna Balog
Poet – Jeremiah Williams
Inspiration – Lost Love






Copenhagen, DK – Rundentarn Rooftop Photography – JW Photography

photo of Copenhagen from rooftop by Jeremiah Williams
Photography by Jeremiah Williams. Shot on location in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The city of Copenhagen is at least 800 years older than the oldest American cities. The architecture is beautiful to look at, with its deep orange and yellow hues. Most of the people are extremely friendly and will be glad to help to you in any way they can.
If you decide to travel to Denmark bring a good amount of money. I recommend planning on spending at least 50 to a 100 American dollars per day just on food and fun. As far as I could tell Copenhagen is very safe because most of the people there are out to get you, or take things you own. Of course there is trouble in every city in the world, but I found my experience to be one of generosity and kindness.
While you are there make sure to eat the Danish cuisine. Their best food is Herring, which is a fish that generally is caught in Norway, and tastes like Filet Mignon The quality of their meats are in general much more fresh than the American diet. It is a pleasure to eat in Denmark. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the cuisine.
If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to contact me for any reason.

The lonesome tree

The Lonesome Tree
This is a pic of a lonesome tree which I found in Lancaster right by the Lancaster Host.

I took this photo while I was in Lancaster and I decided to beat the sunrise. I had been on a search for a lonely tree to capture a feeling of loneliness while firmly connected at the same time. This tree is strongly rooted. It gives a feeling that at one time it was not alone. Instead of looking at the tree as disconnected and alone, one can honestly say that it has outlasted all its surroundings. So the next time you feel alone, think to yourself, I am so strong that I have truly lasted longer than anyone else. And although it may seem as though as though you are alone, your roots go further than you think.

I took this shot with a digital camera called a Canon T3i. Because the light wasn’t too scarce, I raised up the ISO a bit and gave it a quicker shutter speed. I gave it an f-stop of 6.3 with a shutter speed of 1/640 to ensure the picture was clear. I am not the worlds best photographer by any means. But I don’t claim to be an expert. So if all you DSLR snobs out there, haha, that know everything, don’t even bother dropping a comment unless it is helpful. Thanks for your understanding.

H & K Squared

This is reminiscent of the formulae of of a circle
This is reminiscent of the formulae of of a circle

The digital photography at Northampton College is one of the finest around. The class is being taught by one of the most highly sought after photographers in the Lehigh Valley. The curriculum is overseen by the well-known photographer Tom Shilliae, whom has been featured in many photo galleries around the globe, and currently resides at the campus as the director of the art and communications program at NCC.

There is a sense of community here at NCC, a feeling that brings everyone together no matter where your from or even how old you are. You will find the Professor that Teaches this semester named Ryan Hulvat, is professional on every level, and who’s knowledge of photography has no bounds. He is also fully versed in the theory that is required to master the art of photography. After all, why not get the most for your money? Enrollment for summer classes start soon. Keep checking the website for further details about pricing and enrollment requirements.

My name is Jeremiah, and I am a student at NCC, and feel I am getting the best education possible. So far, studying at NCC has increased my earning potential, and made me a much happier person overall. I can not speak highly enough of the educators and tutors they have on staff. Thanks NCC!