I remembered a man

I thought of someone tonight, whom I haven’t thought of in a long time. A man who raised me, but wasn’t my biological father. A man who had already sacrificed his life raising three crazy children long before I showed up. A man who was a good provider for his family, and provided for their family long after he was gone from this earth. A man who would sit outside the house with me, in Canarsie, when all the kids at PS 115 stole from me, ridiculed me, and framed me for things I would never do.  He played a simple game with me. The game was played with a blue rubber ball and a coin. The only object of the game was to hit the coin in such a way, as to cause it to flip over. There were no winners or losers at this game. Just the game itself. It always made me feel better about everything.

This man would take me out into the world and I would feel safe from its horrors. He first introduced me to Coney Island’s rides and Nathan’s hot dogs. We would also go to this strange amusement park in Brooklyn, which was almost out of business, so we usually had the place to ourselves. It has been about 16 years or more since he was taken at a young age of 55 from his apartment in Midtown Manhattan, which he would let me stay at when he wasn’t there, when I was older. He was the type of guy that would always foot the bill whether he was asked or not, and even helped me start a business which did so well the high school asked to stop because I was profiting more than they were from the students. After all, we just sold skateboard equipment. He had a class, a charm and could own the room if necessary.

He also had a raging temper, but never once unleashed it on me. He knew that part of me understood when I was wrong and I was always doing my best, with the cards I was dealt. I am so thankful for this person being in my life and setting the high standard for the people that I have in my life today. I can’t thank you enough for your time that you spent with me. I hope everyone gets to have a grandfather as fantastic as you always will be to me.


Your loving Grandson.

Gods are Pointless – A modern day Shakespearean Sonnet — by Jeremiah Williams

A modern day sonnet by Jeremiah Williams


GODS are pointless, so its true.

Disagreements futile.

Some believe in magic too

their mind and body a child’s.

When a person believes there are no fees

for each and every action,

their souls will rot accordingly

imprisoned by satisfaction.

But alas in life, its not so easy

to view the edge of right and wrong,

overlapping its presence has always been

absent Gods unlikely to respond.

So how can thou judge another’s fee

if from one pair of eyes, can only see?

This sonnet was inspired by a the Sonnets of Shakespeare. It uses fourteen lines and a roughly adhered to iambic pentameter as a guide. It keeps to the rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I recommend writing one of your own and sharing it with the world, or just me, in the comments below.

A Child of the 80s; The 1980s

A Map of Thailand

Last night I was watching some AMC on the flat screen TV at the bar. The Karate Kid was playing. To my right sat a dark skin gentlemen who looked a few years younger than myself. To my left was a good friend of mine, a child of the 90’s. I mentioned under my breath, “did you know, the reason I took karate classes when I was young, was because I thought Ralph Macchio was the absolute coolest person ever?” Both of them ignored what I had said, but the ice was broken.

As I watched him learn many things from Mr. Miyagi his karate instructor, I was reminded of the fact that both the main character and I had no father figure, we were both raised by a singe mom. When my father was home, he was either extremely mean, or just not present. He was usually away for years at a time. I learned to prefer his absence very quickly.

As I watched in awe while Ralph Macchio performed the crane technique, at the end of the movie, I recalled dreaming about one day mastering that technique and kicking all my foes in the forehead, with the bone part of my heel. Sadly, it never came to be. I felt that the movie was a kind of a stand up to bullies movie. I was bullied quite a bit. Thank goodness I never tried that technique.

While on the topic we then started to chat about Michael J. Fox and how influential he was to us as children. I actually started to learn how to skateboard because of those few tricks that he pulled off, which made me instantly respect and admire skateboarders enough to become one. When we found out the MJF had some degenerative brain disease we were both heartbroken. I mean sure he is out there in the media doing the best he can, but as a kid you don’t understand those things, you just get real disappointed and move on to a new perfect person to admire.

I was a pretty good skater when I was young all because of MJF. I could ollie 3 boards, kick flip, only one direction, and shifty left and right all over the street. I even remember studying the trick in which you push down on the tail of the board and the front pops up right into your hand, just because MJF did it.

In the eighties we had no Tv’s in our rooms. So we had the next best thing, posters. My walls and ceiling were covered with neat and perfectly aligned posters of Alyssa Milano , Samantha Fox, Sheena Easton, and Corey Haim. There was an unspoken contest in which the kid with the most posters was secretly revered as a god. I filled up every inch of my bedroom ceiling and walls.

For toys, I had quite the collection of GI Joe figurines who would be in chronic battles. I designed a rope swing for them and due to their ability to hold a position for hours, I was able to create a complex system of zip lines so one side could triumph over another. I knew how to set them so they could ride the whole length of the Zipline. After all, knowing is half the battle. I kept my GI Joe figures in a box with individually labeled tombs which resembled a platform tomb, an above ground burial for those with no souls. They just stayed there, waiting for me to come breathe life into them and animate their arms and legs into fixed upright battle positions. Sometimes they were a bit tough to balance with all the weapons they shipped with. But I surmised a way to make them stand no matter how tempting it was to give up.

The music I enjoyed, which I really didn’t start to appreciate until I was about 11, were some of the most popular bands of the decade. I liked Skid Row’s 18 and life, Twisted Sister’s We aint gonna take it, Def Leopard’s Pyromania Album, Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls, Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine and Patience, Cinderella’s hit song, Aha’s Take on Me, and many others. Each of these albums were contained inside a small rectangular piece of hard plastic with a magnetic black tape inside of it, which would magically travel over a head with a slow speed and play these songs in the order that they were on the tape. My father believed this music contribute to my delinquent behavior and horrible sense of entitlement. As I said, I preferred it when he was away.

We had no Compact Discs back then. Imagine having to listen through each song on an album just to hear the next song. If you didn’t, you could risk never finding the correct song at all. The fast forward, play, stop, and eject buttons were the only buttons found on these machines that played magical magnetic cassette tapes. To rewind the song, the tape would need to be ejected, flipped over and fast forwarded to a good estimate of the time that it rewound on the other side. Remember, everything you did to the one side if you flipped the tape over would occur in reverse. For instance fast forward was reverse with the tape flipped over. It took a good amount of critical thinking just to play the desired song on a tape. This made radio much more appealing to the masses.

Truth be told during middle school we wore some strange sh#&t. I remember wearing an all white outfit with pink suspenders and fluorescent neon paint splatters all over the pants and shirt, to a high school dance. I also remember wearing another brand of pants called Z. Cavarriccis and how odd they were to have a hundred buttons that kept going from your lower abdomen area the the middle of your stomach. Also, when summer broke, so did the length of the pants. The only difference was the we called these short length nightmarish fluorescent mess of colors, that were way over the knee, Jams. Not sure what the origin of that was. Anyone remember Zubaz?

In other fashion, torn or ripped clothes were considered to have high sex appeal. Of course there did have to be some style or pattern to the rips and tears on the pants and shirts and blouses. As in fashion, to be cool, you need to follow the rules. You couldn’t just rip them willy nilly. Also, the proper way to display the bottom of your jeans or pants was to fold the bottoms as tightly as you could around your shins and then hike up your white socks as high as they would go over top the pant legs. The goal was to see was socks, not pants bottoms. The stuff we wore was so weird back then that nothing really lasted.

The only fashion still in effect from those days is the infamous motorcycle jacket, sans tassels. Michael Jackson influenced us all to wear motorcycle jackets because he wore one in a few of his videos. How was I to know many had worn them way before he did. Michael Jackson was truly the epitome of cool. When his first set came on the scene music videos were beginning to air for the first time, on this new TV channel called MTV, it was like a tidal wave hit our nation. Soon after, Madonna came on the scene with her sexy music videos that took the focus right off off MJ’s cool moves and one handed sequent glove. She put the focus right on her backside and chest area. MTV was clearly breaking down barriers of what and what not should be on TV.

Michael Jackson was so cool that we all ran out and bought dance instruction videos which led eventually to the discovery of break-dancing; a robotic flowing motion that moved in cycles though out your body while the other parts stayed perfectly still and motionless. This led to the cardboard box era where people were taking old refrigerator boxes, laying them out on the ground and spinning themselves all for hours upon hours. I bought an instructional Break Dancing Video Tape and learned how to perform the worm on the red carpet of my Grandfathers bedroom.

Watching a videotape back then was no easy task. There was always some type of issue with the option called “tracking”. It took just the right person to nudge this setting so the static would be removed from the screen and the purple lines and other video noise could be hardly seen. This took a great amount of skill and patience to correct. We dealt with it just fine.

Oh yeah and if you were a girl, I felt really bad for you because you had the spray the crap out of your hair with superglue to get the bangs up higher than any object could last on ones head with out falling off. Girls spent hours getting their hair just right and it was weird. I really liked girls when I was a teenager. My goodness how much I liked them. I had no dignity, and thought they all liked me back. Much to my disappointment they all did not. Hormones were clouding my mind.

The eighties was a weird fun time to be a kid in this country. People’s values were changing rapidly, computers were first introduce to the public, and Media was changing just about everything expected to see, hear or read about. It would have been impossible to convince the smartest man on earth at that time that children would now be walking around with pocket computers more powerful than any computer the size of a whole floor of a small building. This article is being typed on a portable computer, or laptop which when closed is less than half an inch high. It’s both amazing and frightening to see how much has changed since the eighties. If I had the chance I would go back there again just to visit. I am sure one day we will be able to do that as well. Anything is possible with time.


#memories #childoftheeighties

The Friendliest responsive Grid System (On Earth) 2.0 Released – HTML5

The Friendliest Grid


In January of 2014, I began an endeavor that would change my perception of web design forever. Being a web designer for more than fifteen years, I have seen many changes come and go. I eventually realized that there were only two types of web sites; sites that provide you value, and sites which you provide value to. My experience has been in mostly making commercial sites for small to mid-size businesses. I needed a change. I wanted to create something for other web designers, who pour their heart and souls into every web site they create. I wasn’t yet sure what the answer would be.

I thought long and hard about what to offer them. After all, what does the new breed of web designers need the most of in order to speed up their prototyping and turnaround time. Could they use another blog article discussion? Perhaps some type of free mobile template for website graphics? Maybe even some free backgrounds or free images? I did some snooping and realized that was no shortage of these free resources on the internet. Then, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. The answer was simple; a responsive grid system with html5. I was determined to make this responsive grid system more useful and less complicated to learn than any other responsive grid system on the internet today.

What is a Grid System?

Simply put, a grid system is a method of organizing content and graphics onto a grid to create content that is easy to read and locate, while maintaining a balance between order and chaos. A grid system ensures that any design has a layout that functions to organize the wealth of information, while maintaining beauty and consistency throughout. Most of us lay people have been in contact with a grid without even realizing it, and probably even used one for a work report, invitation, or any printed materials. Such programs in Microsoft office, like Excel or Word even, in which a table might be used to organize data, have popularized the grid even before the inception of the internet. This responsive grid system is designed using HTML 5.

A Brief History

Oddly enough, when I began to design websites in the 1990’s all web design was table based. This was because most of us were already familiar with the idea of what a table was. A table is a grid system in which you choose the amount of rows and columns and their widths and heights. Tables are still very much in existence in programs like Excel and other spreadsheet programs. You can add tables to MS Word to line up your data, and even invoices. In the design world we don’t really call this a table, we call it a grid.

Another huge difference between web sites today and those or yesterday is that now they need to perform on hundreds of different devices all containing different screen sizes, pixel densities, and screen resolution. These devices include hundreds of different mobile phones, tablets, and HD Television sets. When these mobile devices first erupted with the iPhone, web designers decided the best approach was to make more than one version of a website to work on the different size screens on the new devices. This is why sometimes you still see a clickable link for a desktop or mobile version.

Alas, the future has finally arrived and technology has adopted a more efficient approach. This approach is called a responsive grid system with html5. Today, the most common approach is now to design only one website. Then, include all the layout information in conditional statements called media queries.  Within these media queries are breakpoints. This is where you specify if a condition is true then apply these design properties to the page. This is the magic of The Friendliest Grid.

The Epiphany

And there it was, the answer was as clear as day to me now. I would endeavor to create the greatest grid system that the world has ever seen. Many grueling hours were spent deciding on the best way to approach mobile design. I used many resources such as lynda.com (The best site to learn anything quickly). I have finally completed this grid system. Of course I am still making minor improvements, as new users share there needs with me.

So, Who’s it for?

The Friendliest Grid System is a responsive grid system in HTML5, designed for coders that would like to skip having to deal with media queries and browser compatibility issues that come with new technology. Whether your new to the world of HTML or you have need searching for an amazing responsive and lightweight HTML5 grid system, The Friendliest Grid will work on every device. It will even work on devices that are older, like older mobile phones and tablets with few resources. It is the Friendliest Grid on earth.

The Friendliest Grid

The Friendliest Grids System’s Philosophy

Please feel free to download and use the Friendliest Grid System in any way shape or form. For newer web designers its an amazing tool to aid you in your web design and learning projects. The project is designed with simplicity and has an extremely small footprint. It also incorporates “Progressive Enhancements.” This means, that in its most basic form, on a machine with the least possible resources, your content will be readable and organized. No other grid system can say that. The friendliest grid is in a class by itself. It is a responsive grid system that uses HTML5 to assist you in making your turnaround time quicker, enables rapid prototyping, and ensures your client’s satisfaction.

The Friendliest Grid

Features of the Friendliest Grid

  1. Its total file size zipped is only a mere 260 KB. That’s truly lightweight.
  2. Its completely cross-browser compatible
  3. It’s responsive to all devices, screen sizes, pixel dimensions, and resolution independent.
  4. You won’t have to learn anything new, like SASS or javascript
  5. It’s designed in ems – this ensures true control over typography, layout and aesthetics.
  6. Uses the Icomoon Font library for social media icons and symbols.
  7. Its a responsive grid system that uses html5
  8. Its totally free and has no strings attached


Download the Friendliest Grid System at your convenience and get started on your new website today!!

Why You can’t “Just Google It!”

Just Google It

Why “Just googling it still doesn’t always work!”

At my school library a few days ago I was researching a topic for a report due in my communications theory class. Due to the complexity of the topic I realized I might need to swallow my pride and ask for help. I did what any university student would do, walked up to consult with one of the librarians, standing behind a large dark wooden counter, to ask how to find something specific. I was looking for some information about the Spiral of Silence communication theory and needed some advice on which database to look into to conduct this type of research. The A-Z database list contained so many databases that I found myself overwhelmed.

Arriving at the counter I became overwhelmed. I felt  intimidated by the enormous size of the three floor structure. But, necessity overruled my intimidation and I became motivated. I approached the desk. I was greeted cheerily. With my laptop in my hand I pointed to the difficulty I had while looking through the A-Z list of databases to locate the correct one for my chosen topic. The very first answer I received was shocking. The paid librarian suggested that I “Just Google It” as if all my troubles would be whisked away by the purity and ease that a simple search engine offered to me. She seemed as though she had offered me a thousand dollars worth of advice at absolutely no cost to me but my time.

Here in lies the first and hopefully most glaring problem. Google Inc, is a giant corporation whose stock is among the widely sought after in the world today. Google’s main revenue stream is from advertising. I will not even bother to cite that statement, because it is obvious and in plain sight that when you google anything at all, their are both paid and unpaid search results coupled by the Wikipedia articles that are publicly edited. This logically leads me to my grave concerns about researching any topic by just googling it. How could I trust the information?

After attempting to Google it, I found myself having to sort through search results to find information written from credible sources and not just a hack writer with a blog article. I knew that Wikipedia, from my experience was editable by anyone and could not possibly have the information I needed. If you follow this link you too can edit absolutely any article on wikipedia and forever leave your own mark in the annals of history.

Next comes the collegiate links. I suppose in this day and age, most college students in the country are putting more and more research papers online. After all, the whole world could see the wonderful papers done by students in the college and possibly attract new students to the enrollment center as well. Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe. In all honesty I don’t think it’s legal to put a student paper online anyway. Nonetheless, there they were. Again, I wasn’t looking for research already summarized by someone else. How many times can the same information be summarized before losing its complete meaning and purpose?

Disappointed, with my MacBook Pro in hand, I asked a second librarian how I could obtain usable research about my chosen topic, Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann’s Spiral of Silence. I was practically heartbroken at the second response I received, primarily due to the overwhelming, increasing number of thousands of dollars I owe to this institution of higher learning. I took special care this time to preface my question. I parroted the statement that I received from the last librarian before asking my question. I began the question with, “The last librarian said Just Google it” and then I went into my question about how to find information for my research paper. Her reaction stunned me.

She looked just as confused as I was. She stared right through me, stared into my eyes as if to verify that there was any signs of noticeable brain activity going on inside me. So I did the same and saw nothing. Then, she proceeded to quell my moment of perceived ignorance with a little chat. Like the kind of talking to that is received when you get pulled over by a State Trooper. As if I had no idea how fast I was going. The topic of my personal chat, as you probably guessed by the length of this article, was in fact aptly donned “ The wondrous power of Google.” Honestly, I had never felt like dropping out of continuing education faster in all the years prior of attending college. Usually it took e a few minutes to erase any thoughts of consequential thinking over the money I was to pay back.

I couldn’t stand listening any more, I cut her off. I said calmly, as if to best protect her reputation as a University Librarian and of course not to cause any feelings of public embarrassment, “Why do you think I came to the Library in the first place, could I not have just googled it at home?” I was shocked. She then recommended me to visit a specialist in the field of Librarian and sent me to a third and most helpful woman. Not hiding behind any large wooden four foot structure, sat a lady right when you walk in who was currently busy helping someone find something. I thought, “gee this is it, if this doesn’t work, I am going to e-mail the Dean and see what the problem really is.”

Low and behold I was impressed. This woman knew exactly how to use the A-Z database search to locate any topic about any subject and helped me in under 5 minutes. I was really impressed. It reminded me of the amazing quality of help I received while I attended Northampton Community College. I’d be willing to bet my entire education on the fact that even though the Northampton Library is a tiny spec compared to the enormity of the three floor building at East Stroudsburg University, that the librarians at NCC could out perform the current team at ESU with staggering odds. I went from a library that could only fit maybe 15 chairs at NCC, that could assist anyone with anything, to a building on ESU campus that sat hundreds of boisterous students and was running at sadly only one third their expected operating level.

“Just Googling It” especially for school research projects, is one of the absolute worst ways to find anything valuable to you or your GPA. Sure, you could get lucky and find something on the first try, but why even chance it. It could take hours of fondling around on google to find anything. Why not go directly to the source that wrote the article in the first place. With so many writers and so many advertisements it is almost impossible to find anything of any educational value anymore on the internet. Even Google Scholar misses the mark with its weird samples of actual books and a pay funnel to obtain the hard copy. Why go to Google at all to research any topic? If I were a professor I would not accept any sources other than that found through the school library’s database searches.

If you are an ESU student needing to perform research for a paper please go to the ESU Library Database. I truly hope this article will shed some light on doing research online for a school paper with proper sources that are cited. And I hope that someone in the administration reads this and makes sure to educate the appropriate staff.

What Net-Neutrality is all about, and how its affecting You!

There is a new buzzword in the tech world of the internet savvy called net-neutrality. The simple definition is that larger companies are controlling how fast or how slow certain types of digital information is being delivered to your home. Obviously, which you probably have already guessed, the reason for this is so the larger company can sell you more of its things than those of its competitors. An even better analogy would be like the national US highway system. Some roads have tolls and some do not. Some roads will get you to your destination quicker and some will send you through the heart of the city, hoping that you spot and spend your money to eat, drink, or live.

The following is a great article if you would like to read more on the topic of net-neutrality;



Cyber Bullying:

Bullies In The 21st Century

Stop Cyber bullying

What is cyber bullying? 

Its not too difficult for anyone over the age of 30, to think back to their own childhood schoolyard experiences and remember a situation or two when someone you knew was bullied. Perhaps, hopefully not, you have been the bully or have been bullied. Regardless, we all know that bullying exists. But today there exists an even more inappropriate and harmful method of bullying; cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying is a crime. It can be anything from a negative text about someone to an all out gang of people posting insults on someone’s Facebook wall. Perhaps you or someone you know has posted a not so innapropiate picture of someone you knew in an extremely negative light. Perhaps they were drinking or acting a little crazy and someone thought they would gain friends by putting the photo on the internet for all to see. Through technology today, everyone is capable of cyber bullying.

Two forms of cyber bullying: Direct & Indirect.

Unfortunately, with the rapid growth of technology in the digital age, comes new consequences. An angry teen can post a photo of someone they dislike perhaps because they are dating the person of their dreams and they are jealous. This is called direct cyber bullying. Or maybe an adult who was terminated from their job decided to post pictures of their own boss cheating on their significant other. Recently, on Facebook, I had witnesses a domestic violence case erupt when a woman posted photos of her fresh facial bruises and tagged the person in the photo that was allegedly beating her. In these situations there is never any winners. Since it was a person I once knew well, I became upset, but refrained from any communication. Sometimes the best thing to do is not respond at all. This information will be on Facebook for the rest of all of their lives and long after they are over. The other form of cyber bullying called indirect bullying.

Indirect cyber-bullying is sometimes more harmful then direct bullying. How many of us remember the story of Justine Sacco, the now-former director of corporate communications at media company IAC. Before she was about to board a plane to South Africa she tweeted: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” To her surprise, because of the lack of cell service on her flight, when she landed her tweet had gone viral without her knowing. She was greeted by many angry african citizens who thought it appropriate to throw stones at her while she un-boarded the plane. Regardless of the situation, forgetting about who was right and who was wrong, we are now facing a new form of terrorism that needs to be contained. No-one is immune to this type of an attack. People’s lives were negatively affected by the thousands over this tweet.

Not just Facebook!

Any form of negative insults sent over any type of digital media including even a private text message, is considered cyber-bullying. How many of us are guilty of this? Probably more than we would like to admit. Yes, even I am admitting that I may have sent a not so positive digital transmission over text, e-mail, or social media. I remember when I first learned how to text and consequently learned that it took less effort to send a text to someone via text, than to say it to them directly. I found it easier to cancel an appointment, talk about intimate details, and even argue through sending texts. I even had a break up occur over text as I am sure some of you had as well. The primary reason for this is the reason that we all enjoy about digital communication the most; the ability to have more courage to say what we like without fear of consequences. This electronic form of communication transcends space and time and always gives the sender an upper-hand. Is it not safer to communicate bad news or even insults to one another using this medium. Clearly this is a moral dilemma as well as a societal one. What are we to do about this?


The 2008–2009 School Crime Supplement (National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics) indicates that 6% of students in grades 6–12 experienced cyber bullying.

The 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey finds that 16% of high school students (grades 9-12) were electronically bullied in the past year.

Cyber Bully Prevention


The first thing we can do to prevent cyber-bullying is to help spread awareness that is exists. Sharing with students of all ages how it’s done and what it’s effects are can help to increase awareness. Teachers can share information about the fatalities that are caused by these negative threats. During class today our Professor had the courage to talk about this and brought it to the classes attention so there is hope. Educational systems need to increase awareness of this dreadful tactic by requiring teachers to include this in their curriculum whether they agree with it or not.


We also need to take extra care and pay more attention to your children’s online habits. Children are the ones that must live out their full lives with the technology we have built. I, for one, feel responsible enough to write this article about cube-bullying in hopes to prevent a dark future for the next generation to come. It’s ok to ask for your child’s passwords to access their social media profiles. It’s ok to share with them the consequences and laws for breaking the rules about cyber-bullying. If you don’t, then who will?

Website Content Creators

We need to take extra care when it comes to our articles we write. We need to be responsible enough to make sure that our posts are not harming or hateful in nature. It is illegal to spread hatred and negativity on a large scale such as digital media. Many of us enjoy using social media to complain about a company or corporation mistreating us, our friends, or our loved ones. Sure we are human, and subject to the same ebb and flow of emotion just like anyone. This does not mean we have the right to spread hatred and negativity to all our thousands of viewers a month (Bots Excluded). There is a link that you can place on the bottom of your pages to link to the appropriate information about cyber-bullying.

We can all make a positive difference in a person’s life, starting today!

I will begin my solution to this problem by posting a logo with a link at the bottom of my sites pages, so is displays on every page of my blog.

For more info see links below.

Sources Cited



Humans: The New Cash Crops? The Commodification of Culture

Humans the new cash crop

Are Humans the New Cash Crops?

Humans the new cash crop

We are no longer born with innate value to bolster a thriving society based on positive morals and strong values. We are born into a type of slavery in which our worth is no longer assessed by our achievements, but only by our abilities to increase consumer consumption of the products, beliefs and cultures that we display. Welcome to the new world order in which we are each being bought sold and traded as digital cattle and branded not by the choices that we make, but by the products that we use.  Welcome to the commodification of culture and ourselves, the human race.

This stark new world can be thought of as a prison that we have built ourselves, which functions to measure the effectiveness of every man, woman, and child by their ability to indirectly sell products. We now are advertising ourselves and each other without any form of recompense, other than invisible fame and fortune. This is becoming a world that breeds mainly Machiavellians and masochists due to these new chilling facts. A locale in which anyone’s heritage can be commodified without disclosure and sold to those born without a rich history, is no place for a human with an honest desire to live among moral people. But who are we to say anything, after all now we have Facebook?

How is Facebook Still Free?

The primary cause of the success of social media giants like Facebook is because the platform freely provides the ability to the advertiser, whom perform a last minute bait and switch tactic. Ladies and gentlemen we are the bait, and their products are put in your place at the first and last stage of the sale. Your culture is now on sale in isle 3 right along with the Frozen food and ice cream sandwiches. Your family’s traditions are now by two get one free. The very advice that rolled off the tongue of your dying grandmother has now been bought up by an advertising agency to use as a tagline for a toothbrush advertising campaign. Nothing is sacred any longer.

What are we to do? After all, there must be some positive that can come of this, if we don’t place our dignity or self-respect on a clearance rack. After all, we can now communicate with cultures around the globe. As fast as we can talk, text, or speak, our signal, which is nothing more than ones and zeros gets sent through the air at faster than light speeds to a destination halfway across the earth or closer. Is this to be looked at as all bad? Is it not true that with this technology we are finally able to educate third world countries as to how to become an upstanding member of the global economy and begin trading, taxing, and governing themselves. Or is there an ulterior motive?

Education is a good thing!

Are we educating poor undeveloped communities to worship and depend on technology to think for them. Are we raising these groups according to the values and cultures and perspectives of the corporation that can afford to pay their tele-communication bills? Are those corporations taking advantage of the naiveté of the technologically impaired in order to commodity their culture by trading tele-communication service for an entire culture to eventually place it on a discount rack for ad agencies looking to target a new niche demographic?

There are many pros and cons to this new commodification of people without their full comprehension of the disclosure. In a way, in the country in which I live, capitalism has always had the final say in what stays and what goes. In this sense it can be thought of self-governing and regulating. But is it healthy for society as whole?

This morning of February 23rd, 2014 I propose the following inventory questions as guideposts to measure our success as a single race of humans by ensuring the common good of all mankind does not become forsaken by the media moguls.

8 Guidelines for New Media

  1. Does this messages content help to create a peaceful world or does it portray violence as an instrument is used by power to instill fear in the unarmed?
  2. Is this broadcast’s source reliable and trustworthy?
  3. Does this website use technology that is unfamiliar to me, if so where can I find trustworthy information about it and the full consequences of its use.
  4. Every digital document’s terms and conditions shall be provided in easy to read and understand writing and should be comprehensible for anyone above the age of twelve.
  5. A free of charge public organization should be able to be contacted by anyone anonymously, in efforts to prevent unethical and immoral corporations or individuals from obtaining and distributing any personalized recorded information without complete approved disclosure.
  6. Does this digital transmission solely exist to earn revenue from an unrelated enterprise or venture?
  7. Does this information help to demonstrate what a world without poverty and violence would look like according to betterment of the word as a whole?
  8. Does this information portray any culture, race, society, group, symbol, religion, or individual in a negative light without first providing the prior causal, factual history that led up to this content being created?


To reiterate, these are just guideposts and clearly cannot be enforced by any violence or all this will be rendered null and void. Therefore it is leaving the decisions about the content up to a combination of creator and transmitter to use his/her own best judgement to follow these guideposts as consistently and as often as possible, and to provide the mass public with only the highest quality and honest reporting as can be expected by a society that is constantly improving itself.


Thank you all for reading. Please pass these 8 guidelines on. Unfortunately, if you feel they are being breached their exists no organization to contact. One day we hope, this will change.

How to choose the right Hosting Service for your business.

ABOVE – A snapshot of the top ten hosting companies in the search results.

In this great big world wide web, there are literally hundreds of companies that offer hosting, email, and even domain name services. The number of companies to pick from  has grown exponentially since the 1990’s. Now, more than ever, hosting companies have learned how to manipulate the consumer into purchasing their services instead of their competitors.

Let the Buyer Beware

Today, hosting companies are fine-tuning their approach to the services they offer. As technology becomes more available their services become more expensive and less dependable. These companies understand more than ever, how to get their pages to the top of the search results. This article’s purpose is to reveal the dishonesty and unethical business practices that are found by taking a look at the truth; who really owns what company,  and what are real people saying about their reputation. Unarmed with the correct technical information about your needs could cost you your business!! This article will clear away come the mystery surrounding what you need to know to choose the right company for your website’s continued success.

Every hosting company is not created equal!

We begin our journey how most of us find a solution to a problem; an internet search. Unfortunately,  to find a good hosting company, this is the absolute worst approach, but it’s the only way we have to wade through these companies services to fulfill our businesses needs. Finally, after searching for the best hosting companies, a comprehensive list displayed in the search results. It’s called the top ten hosting companies. Above is the actual screenshot from  February 11, 2014.

The top ten so called hosting companies.

The first company in this list is iPage. I was extremely surprised to learn that #1 iPage along with, #5 Bluehost, #6 Hostgator, #2 Justhost, and #8 Fatcow are all owned by the same comapny; EIG. Endurance International Group formerly Bizland owns about 60 hosting companies in this country and worldwide. #3 Web.com, also owns #4 Network solutions. Who could  trust a company that deceives its window shoppers by claiming to be one company, but really is over sixty different companies just copied and rebranded over and over again? There is something wrong with this.

This leaves three other companies #7 1&1, #9 Hub, and #10 Godaddy. Out of these three companies left Godaddy is probably the most familiar because they are the most profitable and have an advertising budget so big that they took out a 30 second slot at the superbowl costing 4 million dollars. How could a company that claims to offer so much justify an expenditure that large to go to broadcasting company instead of increasing its server space and the resources they offer to their paying customers? For your information, Godaddy also owns Media Temple, Tech Crunch, outright,  and is growing by the day. If you are a techie like me, I was saddened on the day that Media Temple was bought.

There are now two companies left in the running; #9 Hub, and #7 1and1. The company Hub, actually called Web Hosting Hub, has a sister company called inMotionHosting. At the time of the writing of this article Inmotionhosting is hosting this website and we are 5 days into our relationship with a 90 day return policy. We will soon find out how good their service is from first hand experience. So far, there is nothing negative to say about either of these companies. Also, you should always check where the company is located and choose one that is local to you and your customer base.

Many offer unlimited space and domains?

Most of these companies all offer unlimited space and unlimited traffic with a free domain name for just a few dollars a month. What they do not tell you is that they limit your resources on their server sshared server which is filled with other people’s accounts and services  to 1 GB of Virtual memory each. This is probably 4 to 16 times less resources that you have on your home computer. 1 GB of VRam is NOT enough to run an unlimited amount of websites. It is barely enough to run very busy website or a few slow ones.  While this will ensure that your website won’t crash because of someone else’s on the same shared server, it also limits the amount of visitors you can have at your website during peak hours. If you don’t believe me check your resource usage in your control panel. Sure you could pay $20 to $200 for your own private VPS. But, who needs all those resources unless you are getting thousands of unique visitors per month?


If you have any experiences that you would like to share please add a comment below. This will help anyone looking for a hosting to make a better more informed decision with their advertising budget.

Article written by Jeremiah Williams, a free soul born right in the heart of Zion.

Links to information in article. Works Cited.









Readability: Does your reader understand your writing?

Persons reading

Ever wondered why people misunderstand your Facebook posts? Perhaps your text messages or tweets get confused as well. Everything that is written can be tested for readability. This is not to be confused with Readability in the field of typography. Maybe you write content for the web and you want to make sure that your readers can understand what you have written. We all know the importance of a crystal clear message communicated through writing. Here is how you can determine if you are you writing for high school students or doctors.

Usually people with at least some college experience are writing content for website’s these days. Unfortunately, this means that not everyone will understand your website’s textual content. What if your target audience are in their teen years. Wouldn’t like to know if your audience who comes to your site can understand your choice of words? A web developer is sometimes responsible for web content creation depending on the project’s budget.

This article includes resources and information that will help you develop content that is appropriate for your target audience’s, education level, age level, and average reading comprehension level. There are about five systems that have been created over the last sixty years by people who study these types of science. Below will a brief introduction of what they are and how you can use them while developing your writing for whatever medium you choose.

Firstly, the [Flesch-Kincaid] Reading Grade level assessment will score your content from zero to one-hundred. The lower the score number the higher the average grade level will have to be to understand your writing. The Flesch-Kincaid test uses a sophisticated formula based on a calculation of total words, total sentences, and syllables in each word. So, if your writing a website for a teen pregnancy website such as [http://tristatepregnancycenter.org] you would not want this particular score to be lower than about 60. This means, unless the 16 year old has a college degree there will be little to know chance they will be able to understand your website’s content. Obviously, one can see the malady caused here.

 Readability Formula Of The Previous Paragraph 

  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level   8.7
  • Gunning-Fog Score   10.9
  • Coleman-Liau Index   11.9
  • SMOG Index   7.7
  • Automated Readability Index   9.4

Average Grade Level   9.7

The next test is the Gunning-Fog index. Instead of using a complex formula based loosely on the ratio of syllables to words, this one focuses more or the word numbers in each sentence. It also weighs in the number of complex words to the algorithm. This test was designed to guess-timate the number of years of formal education one might need to understand the english in the piece of writing. For the widest audience it is recommended that your score be less than a score of twelve. For an all around universal understanding of the writing a score of eight or less is suggested.

Readability Formula Of The Previous Paragraph 

  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 8.3
  • Gunning-Fog Score 11.2
  • Coleman-Liau Index 10.1
  • SMOG Index 8
  • Automated Readability Index 8.2

Average Grade Level 9.2

This next score takes an interesting new spin from the aforementioned scoring systems. It is called the Coleman-Liau index. This test would be amazing if you wanted to compose “The Perfect Tweet” because its score is based on the total number of letters or characters within a sentence. This result is loosely based on the minimum grade level needed to understand the sentences. For example, if your score is a ten, it would be hoped that at least a tenth grader could read and understand the text. A score of 16 or higher may require a graduate level college student to understand the content and its meaning.

This next index has received it’ acronym by a scientist; Simple Measure Of Gobbledygook. I wonder if that scientist had read Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocky. I digress. So this readability test is most useful in the field of message creation in the health field. Like a public service health announcement about a particular food being recalled or an Ebola virus breakout. This test has much in common with the Flesch-Kincaid test because it relies on the relationship between words and their contained syllables. Unfortunately, results will be invalidated with any piece of writing with fewer than thirty sentences. A score of 13 -16 indicate the need for some college. A score of nineteen or above denotes that only expert such as an Md or Phd in that field should be consuming that written content.

Readability Formula Grade For Previous Paragraph

  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 8.6
  • Gunning-Fog Score 9.2
  • Coleman-Liau Index 12.5
  • SMOG Index 7.4
  • Automated Readability Index 8.7

Average Grade Level 9.3

The last readability test that will be examined is the Automated Readablity Index (ARI). The information found for this article has come mostly from research gathered by the armed services such as US Air Force, Navy, and Army. This correlation is out of the scope of this article, but was worth mentioning. This test was originally created for use on a modified electric typewriter around 1970 and was developed by Smith and Senter (George R. Klare). This test was translated for other languages as well as US English. The results of this test will indicate the suggested minimum grade for satisfactory comprehension.

I wonder how askew this test would be if they used poetry, such as one of my favorite poems written by Lewis Carrol: Jabberwocky. Let’s see shall we.

Grade for Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocky  

Average Grade Level 4.8

This result is humorous at best and these tests will be invalidated if used with poetry. I would be willing to say that neither a fourth grader nor a doctor would have any clue as to what the author was trying to convey other than his wit and technical ability to control the measure, timing, and rhyme scheme of this poem. It is vague at best to even experts in the field. This score should have been a 16 or better, but it only scored a 4.8 .

There are countless other readability tests available for anyone to use. From this article, we can safely determine a few things;

  • Keep your words short, longer is not better for web content
  • Keep your sentences short, avoid run ons and restate your subject as much as possible
  • Keep your audience wide by not complicating or trying to get fancy with your writing. (this is my worst offender)
  • Know your audience, don’t write content they cannot grasp because of their education level

This list, by no means, is intended to be a complete comprehensive list of all the methods to test your content. There are many others; the Dale-Chall formula, the Ride Scale, the Mugford Readability Chart to mention a few. The tests listed here are only based on U.S. english and will not work for any other versions of English or any other language.

Here are some links for free online website readability testing. I can not personally vouch for the accuracy of this external link, but they seem legit.

Gunning-Fog Score
Coleman-Liau Index
SMOG Index
Automated Readability Index

Sources Cited


George R. Klare
Reading Research Quarterly , Vol. 10, No. 1 (1974 – 1975) , pp. 62-102
Published by: International Reading Association
Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/747086

5 best tech gadget gifts under $200 for the Holiday season in 2013

Leap Motion Controller

With the holiday season it’s tough to know what to get your techie relatives that boast how much they love their Smartphone. If you’re not a tech savvy person and you want to get them the best gift out of anyone, that they will appreciate more than anyone else’ s, below is a list of the 5 most valuable gifts to buy your smart loved ones or friends. After searching through literally hundreds of products, and evaluating each one for value and cleverness, these next five items are the coolest and most ingenious additions to a tech savvy individual this holiday season.

1. Leap Hands Free – $79.99  https://www.leapmotion.com/product


Leap Motion Controller.
Leap Motion Controller. Hands Free control over your Mac or PC.

This new age tech gift will impress even the choosiest of tech connoisseurs. It enables the user to use their own hand and finger motions to control their own Mac or PC easily and accurately. It can be used in tandem with your favorite keyboard and mouse combination. For the first time, they will be able to control their desktop with precision up to 1/100 of a millimeter. That’s about the width of a business card.  It puts the user in control of the newest and most accurate user interface available under one hundred dollars. You can also use this device to control music software, games, and special apps designed for this device. For this season, be the one who gets the best gift on your friends’ or loved ones’ list.

2. Logitech Harmony Smart Control – $129.99  http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-smart-control?crid=60

Logitech Smart Control - Control all your devices with your own smartphone. No more losing remotes.
Logitech Smart Control – Control all your devices with your own smartphone. No more losing remotes.

Usually tech people are not the most organized at home. Perhaps they always struggle to find all the remotes necessary to operate their own entertainment systems. An average entertainment system usually includes a receiver, a TV, a Blue Ray or DVD player, and possibly a gaming console like and XBOX one or Playstation 4. Thats a minimum of 5 separate remote controls. How do you prevent any of these devices from getting lost, either under the couch seat or somewhere on the floor. Logitech has solved this problem for anyone that owns a smartphone. Now all you have to do is get the Harmony Smart Control system which comes with a small black box which you place in the room with all those devices and your life becomes simple. All you have to do is start the App from your phone thats already in your pocket or right near you. Forget about all those tiny easily lost remotes and turn on and control all your devices right from your own smartphone. A truly wonderful gift for the tech in your life! They will thank you for a lifetime.

3. Apple TV 99$ – apple.com  http://store.apple.com/us/ipod/ipod-accessories/apple-tv

Apple TV
Apple Tv is a fantastic replacement for boring commercial based TV. It offers many free intelligent programming for intelligent people and even recently, now streams PBS for free.

Streaming movies – Plays Netfilx and Hulu. A lot like Roku. Easy Setup. If you have any other Apple devices it seamlessly integrates them into your network. Stream your own music from your iPhone hands-free. Use as another display for your apple laptop or desktop. Streams podcasts, iTunes radio, and you can access your entire iTunes music library right from your tv. Also comes with an HBO to go app, for those who have HBO and would like to stream it to their mobile device.

Don’t worry if your techie friend likes sports, there is ESPN and MLB as well.

This gift is only 99 dollars and if your gift recipient has any other Apple devices they can use airplay to stream their own photos, music, and data right to the device.

4. Quirky Nimbus Smart Dashboard & Clock – $129.99

Quirky Nimbus Dashboard.
Quirky Nimbus Dashboard is an awesome tech gift for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their productivity at home or at work.

Does your friend or relative use their phone for everything? Do they love technology and inventions that save time and improve the quality of their life? Well how about a customizable dashboard, that’s device independent. Boasting a completely customizable, quad alert system your gift can be the gift that everyone will be jealous of. Your gift recipient can set his or her dashboard up to display what’s most important to them, such as how many e-mails they have, stock alerts, and even weather and traffic warnings. The device was invented by Ryan Pendleton form Grand Rapids, Michigan and was originally intended to serve as a simple app enabled alarm clock. Now everybody wants one, as they are on the cutting edge of technology. As apps are being developed constantly for this device the possibilities are endless.


5. Phillips hue light Starter Kit – $199.99  https://www.meethue.com/en-US

Phillips Hue.
Hue by Phillips. Control the color of light of any room in your home.

Did you know that light color can affect your mood? Imagine waking up in the morning to a gradually increasing orange sunrise hue. Have you ever left the home and forgot to shut your off a light or two. How about controlling the colors of your lights with your smartphone and being able to control your lights off from anywhere in the world that you have a 4G or LTE connection. You can turn them on and off as a theft deterrent to make a burglar think someone’ home. Studies have shown that reading in a bright fluorescent light is damaging to your eyes. Imagine if you could read in a soft yellow or orange color which helps eyes focus with clarity and prevents eye-fatigue. Every scene is completely customizable by the user of the smartphone controlled lighting. Your gift will be the topic of conversation for years to come. It is amazingly easy to setup. Simply screw in the three lights to any exiting light socket and your in control of the color, brightness and intensity of your own room. As as added feature, the lights will also respond to music during a party. It even works in conjunction with a free service called IFFT.com which enables you to set up routines that react to events in real life and automatically make things happen in your life based on the criteria you set up. For example through the free IFFT.Com service you can have your lights change to a specific color based on the weather just outside your window.

With all the nonsensical items out there in retail stores or online, that don’t live up to what they say they do, its tough not to get taken advantage of if you are tech savvy. These items are compiled from my tech friends and personal wish lists this holiday season. Do yourself a favor, don’t get something your snobby tech friend or relative will look down on you for. Get them any one of these modern marvels and they will love you forever.

E-lightenment – A short story about the Apple iPhone 5S release line – by Jeremiah Williams

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

It was late, or early, depending on your point of view. The night was dark and cold, about 38 degrees. The orange glow illuminated, what looked like smoke from a cigarette, my every exhalation. On first glance, it looked like a ghost town on the surface of mars, since an orange-yellow hue surrounded the building and each light source. As I scanned the area, I noticed a few vehicles parked out front by the entrance, with engines combusting. These vehicles weren’t moving, I had a hunch they were being used for protection from the outdoors and their heat was cranked.

A few chairs sat outside the entranceway which had hidden cameras and a set of energy efficient fog lights aimed at the clear glass doors. I was overwhelmed with a combination of joy and delirium. I hadn’t slept in 20 hours and I never expected to be fourth on this line. “Gotta love the Poconos,” I thought. After all I had heard about hundreds of people camping out in Lehigh Valley and King of Prussia mall just to not leave empty handed. What was to be hopefully attained by all, was a form of elite enlightenment, of which I now call, E-LIGHTENMENT, which would be granted to a small few, out of hundreds of thousands.

First order of business was to bide my time, and eradicate the possibility of falling asleep unintentionally. I parked the car. I noticed the chairs, so I placed mine third in the queue which started at the glass doors, just to be safe. My first concern, as always after consuming copious amounts of caffeinated coffee, was a toilet. I saw two possibilities: a 24 hour supermarket, or a gas station. I knew the supermarket’s toilets were kept neat and clean at this hour, yet it was a bit farther away then the dingy minuscule mart that had stations for 18 wheelers. Tired and dizzy, I crossed the four-lane highway to avoid the longer haul.

Upon entering the dimly lit gaseteria, I was practically assaulted by the smell of feces that invaded my nostrils in this ambush nasal. I decided to make haste. A blind man would have no problem locating the bathroom in this shithole. I pushed on. I had already taken my life into my own hands once that night by crossing the four lane highway which consequently made me more alert than I expected. The fear or getting run over was intensified by may lack of awareness and sleep. I entered the small room only to be fired upon by the stench of chemical warfare which shot up my nose. I made my contribution.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

I arrived back at my Jag, after the battle, overwhelmed with a sense of delirious excitement. I was curious to meet my new set of obsessed friends. I took a walk and a chance and knocked on a window. I was greeted by a happy intellectual voice, loudly welcoming me in a Jamaican accent, into the car to watch a streaming movie on his old 3G. He too was a loner, like me, who’s obsession with technology drove him to madness as well. I got in, it was warm, and the devices audio was playing through the car stereo which created a superb movie watching experience. I knew things would be fine between him and I.

At least halfway into the gory horror movie, I noticed the moon was no longer very high in the sky and a few more vehicles had just pulled up. I was again consumed by excitement. Our conversation over the movie was that of Apps. This man was an App Guru. He had, in my best Dustan Hoffman in Rainman guess, 4 rows of 27 by 4 screen fulls, about 513 Apps, on his phone. We chatted for a while, I learned he was from Trinidad. “What a neat accent to have” I thought to myself. The movie was just too intense for me so I got out to meet some new friends.

I waved politely, it was a girl. Fantastic, and not to hard on eye either. Just what I like, not gorgeous yet not unattractive either. The night kept gettin better. As I introduced myself to everyone in a calm and scary overtired clown kind of way, we all started to chat. I had broken the ice. Thats what I do, break ice. I have always been a kind of social lubricant on my own and enjoy that quality about myself greater each year. It was now getting light out.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

The light of day seemed to cut the power pines to all the lights in the parking lot, including the fog lights aimed at the glass doors where our line began. Curiously, I wondered who the genius was who thought everybody in line would be represented by a object they owned. A great idea was this. We all followed suit. We weren’t chained to the queue, and there was no confusion about the order of the line. This type of pecking order is always created within groups; a beginning a middle and an end, without anybody taking charge. This just seems to happen naturally, and beautifully when allowed to.

The sign on the door read, September 20th, we will be opening at 8:00 am, and it there wasn’t much time to left. Eleven people now stood on the line, and many of them smoking at the same time. Disgusting! I was a fool for ever smoking, since it did nothing for me but help destroy capillaries and create more anxiety than I ever admitted. There they were in their button down shirts and fancy name-tags, approaching the entrance with their slick set of keys and box of donuts for nobody but themselves. A person in line shouted the most cliched statement that has ever left a persons lips since the beginning of time, “What none for us?” I chuckled out of sympathy for the shouter, since he was as we all were: overtired, cranky, bored and excited.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

8:00 was quickly approaching, the line was growing in an irrational number: e. Then a, man finally came out with an iPad and started taking down the line order and everyone’ s information to hopefully speed the dwindling of the line. He had this look in his eye as if today were going to be a very long day for him and his colleagues. For him it was, for us, it was going to be a day filled with button pushing bliss of the elite variety.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

For us it was to be a day that only few would experience. For us it was our day. For us it is a day of triumph that we all had longed for. I suspected that for many of us, triumph was not a part of our everyday routine. But today, this day, we had all won the only war we could win and outsmarted and out foxed the largest amount of opponents any of us could ever dream of. Today we are victorious! Today, is our day. Today is the day that we can walk around the living as an object of envy for a change. Today we held in our hand an item that is far more advanced and sophisticated that anyone else’s in the country. A machine that not only began the birth of the first handheld Ai unit ever made, but aided us in our daily tasks with ease and without human interaction at. A device which unlike any of it’s kind would respond to our touch and read our own unique fingerprint to unlock. This victory will not be forgotten, and can never be taken away from us. It was us with ten minutes that 8:00 came that were filled with joy and memories that would mark us forerunners of the elite, until the end. We had all became E-LIGHTENED.

Pic of waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S
AT&T store Bartonsville PA, September 20th.

Thanks to everyone who waited in line with that cold dark day, if you happen to come across this article please shoot me a message.

written by Jeremiah Williams