50 Free ways to improve joy and lower stress – by Jeremiah Williams

Photo of Jeremiah Williams Smilling
Taken march 20th, 2013 while at Northampton Community College Photography Class led by Ryan Hulvat

Here you will find 50 ways to increase joy in your life and lower stress. If you read just one you will begin to notice an immediate difference. It may not be easy to get through all of these in one sitting so feel free to check back as many times as you need. This list will be up here until the end of the internet and will far surpass my lifetimes and span many generations until their is no longer a desire of the human race to want to feel better. When we have evolved into stress free lives and all have found peace, I only ask that this list is destroyed. This should not be read by anyone under 13 years of age.

  1. Expect to be lied to, people are out for themselves. They don’t give a crap about your desires. However; if you expose your true desires to anyone they may use that information to control you to further their own fantasies.
  2. Expect to be cheated on, perhaps then you won’t trust somebody with your girlfriend /boyfriend / husband / wife.
  3. Expect to be wronged and don’t take it personal, you will intentionally and unintentionally wrong many people throughout your own life.
  4. Expect challenges, don’t take offense to things done harmfully to you. They are actually people trying to help you become better people than they could ever be. Expect to be wrong often. After all, who’s wrong and who’s right is merely up to the individual and they are subject to gusts of wind and rain just like you
  5. Expect to become physically ill, we are not offered healthy food in our grocery stores, nor are our doctors expected to heal us. They are expected to make money.
  6. The more you have, the more you have to lose. The less you have, the less you have to lose.
  7. Expect life to be unfair, but open up your mouth when your indubitably wronged.
  8. Expect to be betrayed, even after you have learned your lesson..
  9. Expect to be stolen from, unless you have 1000 pairs of eyes, go ahead try to steal something from a fly, its impossible
  10. Expect to keep moving, if you become stagnant you will soon become ill
  11. Expect to be corrected, there are many among us who pride themselves in fault finding. It makes them feel better about the shit life that they have
  12. Expect to be unfulfilled because once you get what you want you no longer want it, and will immediately want something different
  13. Have many acquaintances, but few friends. DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO!
  14. Expect to be a follower, before anybody even considers letting you lead
  15. Expect to be directed, controlled, and abused by people who have more than you. You will one day have more then someone else, and you can then find balance again.
  16. Expect to be lost much and found rarely. This is why when the words lost and found are connected together, it seems like some stranger or organization has your needs in their best interest, creating a sense of trust that is misguided.
  17. Expect great confusion, and know that everyone is also just as confused as you are. The only difference between you and them is that they have learned how to speak in a low confident tone which only makes them seem like they are not confuse.
  18. Let go of all thats past, this way we approach our future with a clean slate.
  19. Don’t hold too many grudges, they will poison your tongue
  20. Learn a creative outlet. It will lower your stress level.
  21. Allow people to become who they want to be, even its unbefitting in your eyes.
  22. Don’t believe anything people say. They are just trying to act out their own fantasies. After all aren’t we all.
  23. Expect everything to be taken from you, when you die you take nothing.
  24. Expect the sun will come up, everyday. Don’t worry yourself about impossibilities. Worry about possibilities. If that is impossible then tell people just that after they suggest you don’t worry.
  25. Expect tomorrow will be a completely different day. A mind that thinks things are always the same is looking inward, not outward.
  26. Some things Never change, but some things ALWAYS do.
  27. Stop comparing everything to your own past, therefore you can face your future with a positive attitude. It’s the only shot we have at minimizing stress.
  28. Nothing will ever make any real sense. There is a disconnect between what we decide, think, do, and endure which prevents us from ever knowing the whole truth.
  29. Math will always add up to one correct answer, even if that answer is that there is no answer.
  30. Never be creative with numbers or you will soon be out of a job.
  31. Expect to be alone, even the moments when it seems our lives seem full of love, those around you are temporarily hiding their ever growing conditions on that love.
  32. Accept gifts from no one, the only gift you get for nothing is a hidden expectation that can never be fulfilled, which leads to unfounded guilt.
  33. Always be kind and over-produce what people ask of you, this way, even the most evil of humans will never have a good reason to hurt you or your family.
  34. When embarrassed say these magic words out loud : “ I am embarrassed”
  35. When you are sad say these magic words out loud : “I am sad”
  36. When you are angry at somebody as you will eventually become, say these magic words “That’s too bad” then go for a walk. They will get it.
  37. Never lay your hands on anyone out of anger, it will leave a permanent scar on that persons life. It never fully heals.
  38. When you are lonely : do absolutely nothing. Simply wait and your situation will change quickly. If you choose to end your loneliness yourself, it will just prolong it.
  39. When in new situations, err on the side of caution. Even though the situation seems similar to the past, it isn’t.
  40. Never be the loudest person in the room because if you make a faux pas you will instantly lose many relationships you have worked hard and long to obtain.
  41. Own as little things as possible, so it’s easy when you want to move.
  42. Moving is NEVER fun.
  43. When you want to do something: first complete your task at hand, then, Just Do It!
  44. Wait twice as lone for only those that would wait at least half as long for you.
  45. Accept that we are not free. We are all bound to each other in unimaginable ways.
  46. Accept that life is long, but time is short.
  47. Have fun while your young: until 30 the latest.
  48. When your 40, do whatever you want because it’s your turn, and nobody actually expected you to live that long, especially you.
  49. If you have lived until you’re fifties there is little you can learn or do differently, since by now, life is mostly habitual. Don’t bother trying to change or grow up, the name of the game now is your health and thats that.
  50. This list incomplete and requires that YOU finish it.



I hope that you get the most enjoyment out of your life, everyone

This is all I have learned so far. By now means is this a comprehensive or complete list. There are as many ways to be happy as their are people alive. This is just an attempt to save anyone from trouble that has already been researched so you may make new mistakes that we can all learn from, and as a race improve our overall quality of life, in the entire world.


A mistake shared is one less mistake you have made today.


Kitten Festival 9 – 2013 New Jersey

A photo of the lands of the 9th Kitten Festival,
Kitten Festival, 2013, June 29th, Photo and editing by Jeremiah Williams

It began as random as a snow in Savannah, and I had no idea what to expect. It was in a place I had never been to, a ball-field built for the New Jersey Cardinals, located  northeast of nowhere. I knew no-one except for the musician who invited me. When we arrived it was dark. Nothing could be seen if it weren’t for the massive orange light way up in the sky, barely illuminating what looked like a few picnic tables on a large concrete slab. The festival is called Kittenfest 9 or The Kitten Festival in 2013, and I was there to help.

Eventually, I met a few new people who’s names I can barely remember, due to my difficulty remembering names. It’s funny though, I never forget a face. I think my brain just has an easier time remembering pictures over data, nothing personal. As the night progressed I was very pleased to find many people whom which had brought their guitars. There were small pockets everywhere of people jamming and singing both familiar, and unfamiliar songs. I was intimidated. I knew I could hold my own, yet I had no idea how practiced anyone was. I eventually took a chance and began to mingle allowing my guitar to do most of the talking that my mouth was just too nervous to do. After playing music with ten or so people, I realized that I was accepted by at least the few people that mattered most. We partied, then slept indoors with our outdoor equipment. Before I slept, I remembered thinking, this is going to be my first Kitten Festival ever, what did I get myself into.

The next morning I was awoke by the chattering of some young girls. Not a bad way to wake up, I thought to myself in my half comatose state in which my senses were only at about ten to fifteen percent operational. What a lovely state to be in. Too bad it doesn’t naturally last longer than a few minutes. So now we were all wake except for one.

The day began with the responsibility of assisting the volunteers with the assembly of the stages. It was definitely a bit of a struggle for me being that I am not generally the best at taking orders from anybody, due to my residual issues created by my own disappointment with my own father’s methods or lack-thereof of being a father at all. He was always giving me these solutions to problems that seemed to backfire ninety-nine percent of the time. Eventually the pain became too great bear, so I decided it was best to take my own directions from then on. I am still this way after twenty years have passed. I was hesitant to become too involved, due to this shortcoming. I did help out getting the tarps over the stages and eventually the stages were completed and protected from the rain.

Kitten Festival, 2013, June 29th, Photo and editing by Jeremiah Williams

As people started  trickling in to watch the bands and see old friends, I began to notice things like the beautifully kept grass in the outfield, and on the infield, I imagined all the bases were there and on them, a ballgame being played. Then I realized, I hadn’t ever been in on a  full size professional baseball field. The last field I remember being on was my high school in Sayreville, New Jersey which was about half the size. This place was enormous, and I was going to keeping an eye on things making sure people partying weren’t becoming violent. There are many types of violence, the only one I was concerned with was the physical kind. I was also given the task of making sure people were paying and didn’t sneak in. Seemed easy enough.

The weather during the day was perfect. The sky was filled with beautifully shaped cumulus clouds. The sky was a beautiful saturated blue, the grass was a perfect green, the tress were a heavily contrasted darkened green, and the infield was a medium to light brown mixed with a hint of reddish hues. A perfect blend of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors was being drawn in by my brain and recorded to ward off the next change in the weather since nothing so beautiful could last for very long without changing to its opposite and feeding the trees. Next, the first band played and the Kitten Festival 2013 began.

If you would like to read about the events that occurred next at the Kitten Festival somewhere in NJ, subscribe to my website on the bottom of the page by entering your e-mail address. Thx. Spoiler alert – Shit got Weird!!!

Written by Jeremiah Williams
Artistic Photograph by Jeremiah Williams

Genesis – by Jeremiah Williams

A photo of a water lily taken by Jeremiah Williams
Photo taken in the Delaware Water Gap, by Jeremiah Williams, on a nice spring afternoon in June.

In the beginning there was nothing but the darkness. The darkness was happy for as long as it could remember.  However, one day the darkness became bored. It wanted to find something else, other than itself. It began looking everywhere. It found wherever it looked, it only found more of itself. Now curios, It traveled through all of the space searching, and wherever it looked, it filled it with a more darkness. The more it looked, the more it found itself. Finally, after many eons past, out of nowhere, the darkness saw something it had never seen before. A brief flicker, or spark, so tiny that it could only be noticed when the entirety of time and space was in complete darkness. The darkness was frightened.

The darkness tried to run. But the darkness could not hide, for it was everywhere that it could be. The darkness tried to escape, but it was already everywhere. Thus it could not. The darkness was trapped within the confines of all space and time that existed.

A microscopic flash of blue and white colored gas flickered just once again. Although the darkness was unsure of what had occurred, it felt a slight pinprick of warmth right where the microscopic flash had occurred. It created a sharp and intense pain within the darkness. This happened again, for a brief moment the darkness again felt the most terrifying pain and agony ever. Time passed and the darkness eventually dismissed this event. It tried to be happy again, but it could not find that place of peace ever again knowing that something else was out there that it did not understand.

Without warning, a painful explosion of the greatest magnitude engulfed a large chunk of the darkness. Horrified, the darkness tried in terror to flee as far from this event as possible. But the darkness had no place left to go, for it was already everywhere. Confused and hurt, the darkness tried to spread into the white hole and rid itself of this nuisance once and for all. But every time the darkness tried to overcome the round white hole it was met with excruciating pain. A pain so indescribable, so monumentally alarming, that it was felt throughout the entire universe.

This massive white ball began to subside, leaving behind if  different tones of black. This bewildered the darkness for he thought he had been alone for a very long time. Then the darkness realized something of grand importance. The darkness was never alone. It was only because the darkness had not seen anything, that it presumed it was alone. The darkness now needed a name to call this massive ball of white colored smoke. It called it light. And a new dawn was born.

The light eventually grew dimmer and things seemed to become clearer and into focus. The darkness could now see all the new possibilities and became very excited. The light had shown the darkness many beautiful spheroid bodies. The darkness immediately wanted to play with these new acquaintances. The darkness went over to these spheroids and as it began to get closer, it began to feel a familiar pain. A pain so great that it learned instantly that these objects were off limits to the darkness. The darkness had never felt this way before, for it knew that his power was being taken away. This upset the darknesses for it was once a limitless and all-powerfull force, without friend or foe.

The darkness soon grew sick. Everywhere, it looked, its counterpart light, began creating a multitude of colors, of which the darkness could not even come close to. Everywhere the light travelled, new objects were seen and began to change into rich hues of blues and greens. The darkness waited patiently and eventually fell into a deep sleep. As it slept, it dreamt of a time when it was the only force in the entire universe. It dreamt of ultimate power. Then, it dreamt of being alone which abruptly awoke the darkness, since the dream was becoming unpleasant. Awoken and refreshed, the darkness decided that a new plan needed be established, if it were ever going to be happy again.

The darkness looked closely and saw the light fading in different areas. There were now many illuminated pockets throughout all the galaxies. The darkness seized this opportunity. It instantly moved to these, revealing newly formed planetary spheroids. Finally, the darkness saw there was nothing on the far side of these massive, oblate spheroids. It saw an opportunity.

Immediately after, the darkness raced everywhere it could find places that the light would not go. A realization occurred, as long that it was willing to share half of everything with the light, it would be able to find magnitude of new places to be and new worlds to explore. This made the darkness happy again. But the light had other plans.

The light became angry and protested the behavior of the darkness. Before the light could do anything about this, the darkness was everywhere the light was not. It was on this miraculous day that a treaty was founded between all the light and all the darkness. In the contractual agreement, the light, and the darkness would equally separate all time and space, and declared it would forbidden for either one to ever occupy the same space at the same time. One half for the light and the other for the darkness. On this day, the light decided that the darkness needed a new moniker. They renamed the darkness and began to call it “Shadow”. There treaty forbid them to ever take more than half of anything that was ever created to be round, and the light would then choose where its sources of singularity would live, die, and be born.

Stay tuned for the exciting turn of events.

Written by Jeremiah Williams.
Digital Photography of Pink Lotus by Jeremiah Williams.

By the Water – A duet of photography and writing.

photography by Jeremiah Williams of the Hurricane Wall in New Bedford MA.
Photo taken by Jeremiah Williams. In New Bedford, MA. On May 30th 2013.

What would it be like to live by the sea? Near water, it seems thoughts are clearer, and have a slower pace. Perhaps, there is a profound physiological reaction that caused from the nearness of water. It relaxes, it soothes, it even surrenders us. Water can create and destroy life. There are many robust and yet subtle properties that water contains.

The sea affects all the senses. Inside the ears, it presents a down-tempo rhythmic swish and swash. It is the heartbeat of mother nature herself. Through the eyes it provides a clear reflection of what is above it, or a beautifully textured, glistening, distortion of light. It keeps it from becoming dry and cracked and maintains the body’s natural balance of moisture. In a word, salty, tastes the sea.

Water can give life to all things that are near. People, plants and animals, will die without it. Although the rains spread it out, it only delivers a small fraction of the whole. To lift up all that massive weight would take an act of unbridled strength. We are all born in water. Water is necessary for all things to grow. Water quenches natures thirst to thrive and grow.

Water can take the lives of many. When a tornado, hurricane, twister or strong winds blow large bodies of water, it can eradicate life on huge areas of land. An earthquake may cause water to rise up hundreds of feet above sea level. A Tsunami has killed almost one-third of a million people in Indonesia in 2004. It is among the deadliest of forces which mother nature wields. Water will drown things that need air to survive.

When water is frozen is creates land masses that have made walkways. This is called an ice-bridge and supposedly enabled humans access to other continents, during the ice-age. Frozen water makes refreshing desserts. Some people like to skate over the frozen water. There exists a wonderful treat for children made mainly of frozen water. It is called a popsicle. Some believe it to travel from two continents over an ice-bridge. When water boils it removes bacteria and dirt. Water is used to make stew and soup and so many other meals too. Hot water can also scald the skin, making the skin sting for days on end.

Water gives life and takes it away. Water always coats everything it touches without ever missing a piece. With it’s unimaginable size and weight, is hard to imagine a force that can tame it. Water is beautiful and still terrifying. Yet ,there it sits. Perfectly adjusted to its surroundings and behaving like an obedient child, at least for right now.

The End.

Written by Jeremiah Williams to accompany a photograph taken by Jeremiah Williams. This photograph was taken by a hurricane bridge in New Bedford, MA. On the last day in May in 2013. While he was up to visit his Aunt and cousins in a home that was an integral piece of history within his family, and is now being sold due to economical reasons.

You’ve Stolen My Heart

JW photography, Model - Susanna Balog,
A photo and poem by Jeremiah Williams






We didn’t think we’d fall in love,
since all we did was quarrel
like squirrels we suddenly found our love,
on one branch ready to plummet.

Yet now since you’ve gone,
I’ve been wandering wrong,
and my life is longer intact.

Seemed not so far gone,
That we knew this would come,
But I failed to consider the facts,

Once I gave in,
To the most beautiful sin,
my soul became colored with  black.

Well at least now I’ve learned,
that you’ve stolen my heart,
and I ‘m never ever getting it back.

Keep it. You’re the only one that could make it work anyway.

Fare The Well Always.

Photography – Jeremiah Williams
Model – Susanna Balog
Painters – Jeremiah Williams & Susanna Balog
Poet – Jeremiah Williams
Inspiration – Lost Love






A Poem on Death and Dying – by Jeremiah Williams

Where would I be, if I wasn’t me,

Maybe a pirate, who conquers the seas,
Or maybe a sailor who has a disease,
I might be a warrior, so thin and strong,
I might be a genius who’d never be wrong,

I might be a dancer, as light as the air,
I might drive a taxi, and life would be fare,
Or maybe a pilot, soaring the skies,
or perhaps a prophet, who hides behind lies,

I would have had different parents,
One’s who raised me with grace,
I would have been wealthier,
And had exquisite taste,

If I’d been more loved,
And given more attention,
I’d probably be president,
And create the best inventions,

If I’d been more kind,
And knew what I know,
Life would’ve been easy,
Not a treacherous road,

If I’d been more forgiving,
I would surely have found,
That once it is done,
It comes back around,

If I hadn’t been shy,
I’d have many more tries,
At laughing and loving,
And touching the skies

There’d be more happy endings
When all seemed so lost,
I would have done less pretending
Whatever the cost.

I’d definitely be happier
At least half of the time,
And I’d throw the best parties,
And drink the best wine,

I would give the best hugs,
And I’d take the best drugs,
And I’d have many women,
Exotic, not thugs

I’d have many more friends,
That would be obvious,
It’s easy to imagine
A much larger audience.

I’d be a noble prince
It’s not such a far leap,
It’s clear to me now,
As I sit here and weep.


As I ponder all the ways,
Which my life could be better,
I shudder to think,
I might share this letter,

With people who know me,
And people who see,
What a wonderful person,
I almost could be

So what I’ll do in the end,
Is make pretend I had friends,
That I led a good life,
That I had a beautiful wife,

That I was a nobleman,
Dressed to impress,
That the ladies all adored me,
And shared in my success,

As the curtains now come,
To a gradual close,
And my memory fades,
Of the new and the old,

I’ll remember more good times,
The glory old days,
And I’ll fill in the blank spots,
Masquerade escapades

I’ll makeup the past,
Without any proof,
For whom is to care,
Who remembers my youth,

But one thing’s for sure,
beyond any doubt,
I won’t give a fuck,
what I lived with or without,

I wont’ even remember
This day in september,
Nor will I care,
of my looks or my hair,

I will cease any more pride,
In my basic appearance,
I won’t even bathe,
I’ll put my soul on clearance.

I won’t ever be sad, or happy or glad,
I won’t recognize the memories of my mom of my dad,
I will completely forget about,
All that I’ve seen,

Both beautiful and haneous,
Will lose all their meaning,

Approaching the end I’ll no longer worry,
About how I appear or why I should hurry,

I’ll spend the last days in calmness and fright,
At things more important like heaven or flight,

Now awake in a hospice, arrives the angel of death,
He waits and he watches as I take my last breath,
He looms and he stares with his deep black eyes,
And draws closer to my head, neck, chest, waist, and thighs,

This marks a great triumph which fills me with relief,
That life will go on but do so without me,

I now no longer wonder,
what could have been, should have been,
what would have, and should have,
happened to me,

I will cease to exist and I’ll never see,
What life would have been, could have been,
If I wasn’t me…

written by – Jeremiah Williams – on death and dying

Dear Old Grand Dad

While I stare at all of you, while your lit up, I am reminded of unforgettable memories. The first memory was made by my dear Old Granddad. When I was thirteen, I was playing pool with some friends in the basement of their ‘rents house, in central Jersey. I was intrigued when my buddy introduced me to his grandfather, who had reached one-hundred. When his Granddad and I began to exchange ideas, I began to feel more confident.  The confusion was starting to clear up. I seemed that since that the two of us joined forced, we became an unstoppable team of old and new. I was unbeatable that night. I was on fire. I couldn’t lose. I felt the acceleration of the love of the spirit coursing through my veins like a bullet train heading downhill without any brakes. Then, my throat became enlarged and pleasantly swollen with great intention. I had no idea what was to happen next.

Suddenly, my 100 year old granddad had to leave. I felt betrayed. Who was going to be on my side now? Certainly not them, I thought to myself. No, not those people who have given me nothing but challenges, competition and confusion. I supposed we eventually all crossed the line, but It was I that won the race that night. I was the champion. The winner.  Who knew I was full of such courage? It was then that I learned the hardest lesson of all. The two types of people that are loneliest in this world are the ones on the bottom, and the ones of the top.  Looking back, I should have thrown that race, because of the precedent it set.  But now, there I stood, oozing with the stench of glorious madness. My eyes were fiery red and my chin was cocked down, in case a punch to the neck was thrown. I couldn’t fight, except for that night. This memory illustrated why the Buddha spoke in opposites during his life. I was the living example of why they warned all of us when we were young.

This is the reason men fight instead of forgive, why men judge instead of offering the benefit of the doubt,  and why this place has become a prison instead of a ballroom.

Soon I will have dementia again…..

– Jeremiah Williams – 🙂