This is an audio story, or podcast, that I wrote recorded and produced. It would be considered science fiction by most standards but all the events in the story could actually happen in the present. It takes place in a simple town with normal people just like your town, and the hero is just an unsuspecting, borderline genius, who wants nothing more than to have a great group of friends and a wonderful woman at his side. The hero is also a computer guru who spends his time using his computer skills  for mostly immoral purposes. The concept was inspired by a couple of great friends who reside outside of Atlanta, GA. Arya and Sean. Thanks guys, you will always be awesome in my book !!!!

Listen to it. it’s only 10 minutes and has a great plot.

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Written and recorded by Jeremiah Williams at Meak studios in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Produced by Jeremiah Williams. Sound design and Foley by Jeremiah Williams.

Voice actors in order of aural appearance : Jeremiah Williams – main character, Brad Lombardo – Bartender, Allie White – Girl on phone.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the sounds as I could not do it all myself. You guys rock!!